• Christmas Service - 25 Dec - 10 am

    On December 25 at 10am there will be a Family Service of Carols and Communion for the St Paul’s community. All are invited to attend as we celebrate the most wondrous occasion of God coming to live amongst us as the Christ-child born in a manger. The Reverend Peter Osborne, Diocesan Ministry Educator, will act as Preacher and Celebrant for this service. We hope to see you all on Christmas Day!

  • Register with St Paul’s

    Register to keep up-to-date with open days, information evenings and other St Paul’s events. We often hold information evenings throughout the North Island so we can let you know when we will be in your area. To register for our database, click the read more button.

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  • Your child's home away from home

    Choosing a boarding school for your son is a huge decision and one you can’t take lightly. So we’d like to invite you into our place to hear from the boys themselves, their mums and our housemasters. Click the read more button to hear some stories from the people who make up the heart of our community.

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