Community Gala

Friday, 14 September 2018
3.30pm – 7.00pm
St Paul's Collegiate School - cricket field at the back of school

St Paul’s Community Gala will be held on Friday 14 September at 3.30-7.00pm on the school grounds. The gala, a carnival type event, is targeted at primary and secondary school children and their families. It will offer a range of activities, a talent quest, food stalls and a monster garage sale.

Funds raised from the gala will be used to fund the school’s community service initiatives in the following ways:

Supporting neighbouring schools

Purchasing chromebooks, bluetooth headphones and stationery for Bankwood and Fairfield Schools in addition to the voluntary work being done through Over the Fence Ministry at these schools

Keeping the Fairfield Community Fridge stocked

The Fairfield Community Fridge provides food to those in need at any time they need it. A portion of the money raised will go towards making sure the fridge is constantly stocked and will also be put towards the cost of power to run it

Refugee Orientation Centre Trust minivan

A portion of the money raised will also go towards helping the Refugee Orientation Centre Trust buy a minivan to take their children to and from school and to their after school homework programme. We have a strong established relationship with the trust and supply volunteers four days a week for their after school programme.