Christian dimension

The spiritual and personal development of all members of the St Paul’s Collegiate School’s community is built on a virtues-based ethos including empathy, kindness, compassion, tolerance, helpfulness and service.

As an Anglican school, St Paul’s is deeply committed to delivering a holistic education as a central element in the curriculum, including a spiritual dimension.

At the same time the school is sensitive to the varied backgrounds of its students, who are drawn from all major Christian denominations and many other world faiths. This fabric of cultural diversity is welcomed, enjoyed and celebrated within the school community.

From the strong presence of faith within the school, students are given the opportunity to accept responsibility, serve others and be aware of the spiritual and moral dimensions of life.

Chapel services

St Paul’s place of worship, The Chapel of Christ the King, represents the heart of the school. Whether for chapel services, school assemblies or music and drama performances, the Chapel is the place where the entire school community comes together on a daily basis.

State-of-the-art audio visual technology allows for exciting, challenging, and thought-provoking chapel services. Worship at the School is dynamic, creative and interactive while maintaining its roots in the Anglican tradition and ethos.

Each year four chapel prefects, who embody the values and ethos of St Paul’s special Anglican character, are chosen to lead the student body in chapel life. Chapel prefects are supported by a chapel team consisting of more than 20 dedicated St Paul’s students representing Year 9 to 13.

Chapel services at St Paul’s are held twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the whole school community, including staff. On Sundays, boarders attend a service of night prayer at 7.30pm as part of boarding life at the School.

In addition to weekly services each house is expected to plan and lead at least one house chapel service. Holy Communion is celebrated at the end of each term. In addition, there are a number of special services throughout the school year that reflect the community life at St Paul’s. These include the Garden of Remembrance Service in March, Founders Service in May and Leavers and Carol Services in December.

Service programme

All students are encouraged to take part in a number of activities as part of the school’s service programme to give back and help those less fortunate. The programme promotes a transformational style of service that reaches out to the community and builds relationships with other service providers. Read more about the service programme here.

Counsellor, chaplain and religious educator

The chaplain occupies three distinct roles: chaplain, teacher of Religious Education and counsellor. These roles often overlap. The chaplain serves as the pastor to the School family and, as such, provides a friendly listening ear, advice, guidance and spiritual support to students, staff, parents and families.

As a teacher of Religious Education, the chaplain provides a context in which students can learn about the spiritual dimensions of everyday life and living, as well as providing a rigorous academic approach to religious studies. Students in Year 9, 10 and 12 take part in the School’s Religious Education programme and every student attends regular worship in The Chapel of Christ the King.

The chaplain is also a professional counsellor who works with all staff and students who need spiritual (or other) guidance or solace. The chaplain makes regular visits to boarding houses and a fortnightly visit to Tihoi to keep in touch with each boarding house as a whole and with individual students and staff across both campuses.