Personal effects insurance

Arrangement of adequate insurance cover on personal clothing and effects is the responsibility of parents and guardians. Where a householder’s policy is held this may provide the necessary extension of cover, but this point should be checked with your insurance company. The Board of Trustees cannot accept liability for losses of personal property suffered by fire, theft or other causes. Please make certain that personal possessions are clearly marked and where appropriate, a record is made of serial numbers and that adequate insurance is held.

Fees protection insurance

It will be realised that the temporary absence of a student does not reduce the School’s operating expenses and that it would not be possible for the Board to make adjustments in fees to provide for minor absences. In order that New Zealand resident parents/guardians may, as far as possible, protect themselves against any financial loss suffered as a result of illness or accident to students the Board has adopted a fees insurance scheme, details of which are set out below. The scheme is compulsory for New Zealand Students only and the payment is included along with each month’s fees. Refer below for insurance of International students.


The scheme provides that in all cases of compulsory absence from school of 10 or more consecutive days for any of the reasons stated below, there will be a pro rata refund of fees for the full period of absence, including the first 10 days.

The compulsory absences cover the following cases:

1. The inability of a student to return to school at the beginning of or during a term owing to illness, accident or through having been in contact with infection

2. The inability of a day student to attend school during term time owing to illness, accident or contact with infection outside the school

3. The inability of a boarder to attend school because the school Doctor has removed him or her for treatment which cannot be adequately given at the school

4. The necessary closing of the school or a separate House owing to an epidemic or infectious disease

5. The inability of a boarder to attend school because he or she is confined to the school hospital on account of sickness or quarantine. In this case, tuition fees only are remitted

6. No refund will be made for absences of less than 10 consecutive days. The maximum refund for any one student in any one school year is an amount equal to five monthly installments (or half the year’s fees). To eliminate claims for absence caused by organic or latent disorders; refunds during the first term of insurance only are confined to cases of infectious illness, recognised quarantine, accidents and emergency operations.


Claims should be made in writing to the business manager substantiated by a medical certificate supplied by the school or family doctor.

Parents/Guardians are advised to check with the business manager that a claim is being processed on the return of a student to school.

Travel and medical insurance

Most students are not entitled to publicly funded health services while in New Zealand unless they are:

  • a resident or citizen of Australia or
  • a national of the United Kingdom in New Zealand or
  • the holder of a temporary permit that is valid for two years or more.

If you do not belong to one of these special categories and you receive medical treatment during your visit, you will be liable for the full costs of that treatment.

The New Zealand Government requires international students to hold acceptable insurance from the time of they leave home and kept continuous until their visa expiry or final departure from New Zealand. Immigration New Zealand has defined “acceptable insurance” as comprehensive insurance that is compliant with the Ministry of Education’s Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students and is acceptable to the school. Please visit Immigration New Zealand’s website.

Immigration New Zealand’s student visa application (Section C 19) requires an insurance declaration from applicants declaring that they will make the necessary arrangements to meet this condition. Students may be required to supply evidence with any subsequent visa applications. Students who do not comply with the requirement to hold acceptable insurance while in New Zealand may become liable for deportation.

St Paul’s Collegiate believes that the Uni-Care Inbound Travel and Medical Insurance policy offers extensive cover. The policy covers a wide range of events including personal effects; travel and fees insurance. Translations of rates and benefits can be viewed at the Uni-Care website.

If a parent or recruitment agency wishes to organise their own insurance for a student this must be equal to or better than the Uni-care policy and written proof of cover including dates of cover must be provided to the Helen Richardson, Director of International Students, at the time the fees are paid and prior to the student’s commencement at the school.

The Board of Trustees cannot accept liability for losses of personal property suffered by fire, theft or other causes. All personal possession must be clearly marked, receipt of purchase should be retained, and a record kept of any serial numbers and a photograph taken of valuable items.

If you would like the school to arrange Uni-Care insurance for you, please contact the Director of International Students, Helen Richardson.