Headmaster’s | Tumuaki welcome

As a parent, choosing a secondary school for your son or daughter can be a daunting task. Assessing and choosing a school is one of the most important challenges we have. As parents we have a responsibility to look for the best fit for our children.

Assessing and choosing a school is one of the most important challenges parents have. Parents should consider questions such as, do I share the same educational philosophy as the school, will my child be challenged without being overwhelmed, is there a committed, capable set of teachers, or will my child be supported and nurtured?

To assist you in making your decision, I introduce you to our unique and extraordinary school.

You only need to spend a short time on the campus to sense the students’ spirit of excitement, breadth of opportunity and aspiration to achieve.

St Paul’s prides itself on the personalised nature of the educational experience; our school is small enough for each student to be known by everyone and to be an integral part of our community. The average class size of 20 students allows for individualised attention.

In pursuing academic excellence, we are committed to a culture that encourages – and expects – each pupil to achieve while both exploring their strengths and helping them enjoy the learning process. We believe that the fear of failure should never block the freedom to learn.

Not only are students are pushed to learn academically but to also grow emotionally and socially. We expect that individuals will cooperate with one another in spiritual, cultural and sporting activities. Our community knows instinctively that we expect our young men and women to be first and foremost, good people and then successful students.

I believe the most intriguing aspect of St Paul’s is our community. We create an environment where hauora (well-being) and manaakitanga (respect) thrive. Our programmes and curriculum reflects our commitment to partnership and Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

We have close relationships with all of our students and have long-lasting relationships with Collegians (past students). This sense of community brings with it loyalty, goodwill and camaraderie among students, staff, parents and Collegians.

Ben Skeen