Sporting expectations

Students of St Paul’s Collegiate School are required to meet the following expectations when playing sport.

  • Sport is mandatory at St Paul’s Collegiate School. All students are encouraged to play a different summer and a winter sport and are expected to attend trainings and participate in fixtures against other schools. Many of these sports include weekend commitments which must be honoured. Only under exceptional circumstances are students exempt from this requirement.

  • There is a clear expectation that students finish the full season of their chosen sport. Therefore, it is imperative that students choose carefully when selecting their sports option. There will be a two-week window following the close of sports selections for changes to occur. No changes will be accepted outside of this two-week window.

  • Students who choose a second sport in a season must honour all commitments of their primary sport before partaking in an additional sport. Priority is given to students who select a sport as their primary option.

  • It is the responsibility of the student to communicate any reasons for absences from training and/or fixtures directly with their coach or manager. This communication must reach the respective staff member prior to the event. Excuses after the fact will not be accepted as legitimate reasons, barring exceptional circumstances.

  • Dress: All students are expected to wear the correct St Paul’s Collegiate School sports uniform while representing the school at both training and fixtures. No mufti should be worn at any time. It will be communicated to students if a playing kit is provided or whether students must provide their own. All apparel is available from the Great Oaks School Shop.