Frequently Asked Questions

What are class sizes? The average class size is 20 students in the junior school with even smaller class sizes in the senior years. St Paul’s prides itself on the personalised nature of the educational experience.

What is the roll of St Paul’s? There are about 860 students with more than 300 boarders. Approximately a third of the senior school is female with about 220 girls.

Is sport compulsory? There are approximately 34 different sports available. Sport is an essential part of student development and all students participate in both a summer and winter sport as a compulsory part of school life.

What is Tihoi? St Paul’s has a second campus at the Tihoi Venture School (30 minutes outside of Taupō. Year 10 boys spend 18 weeks at Tihoi where they are placed in communal living, regular schooling and outdoor experiences.

What are the fees? You can see the fees on our website here for domestic students and here for international students.

Is there a programme for priority learners? St Paul’s leads the way for learners of all abilities. You can read more about our Learning Enhancement Unit here.

What does it mean to be a Christian school? As an Anglican school, St Paul’s is committed to delivering a holistic education including a spiritual dimension. Students in Year 9 and 10 take part in the School’s Religious Education programme and students attend regular worship in The Chapel of Christ the King. Students are encouraged to take part in the School’s Service Programme to give back in the community. Visit to view the service activities.

Can students have personal phones at school?
St Paul’s has a Phones Away for the School Day policy where phones are not to be used in all areas of the School by all students. To read in detail about the policy, click here.

What subjects are available at St Paul’s? There are multiple subjects on offer at St Paul’s. Click here for more information on subject choices for both junior and senior students.

How do boarders adjust to life in boarding? The staff of St Paul’s have a structured programme for the start of each year to assist with the transition into boarding life. Boarding students quickly adjust to home-away-from-home with strong peer support from the older students. Click here for more information about life in boarding.

What is it like for girls starting mid-way through high school? One of the highlights of Year 11 is the integration of girls into the School. The girls quickly form friendships and grow together with peer support from older students. The Year 11 students hold an Activities Day early in Term 1 with a goal for the boys and girls to learn from each other and problem-solve together. Friendships are made quickly and in no time at all, the girls feel at home in their new school.

What is the food like at St Paul’s? It is a highlight for all students and staff to join together each school day in the Dining Hall for lunch. Boarders also have breakfast and dinner in the Dining Hall. The menu caters for all dietary requirements and is nutritious and balanced.