Maatauranga Maaori

The land of Wairere where St Paul’s is built is rich in soil and traditionally was a ground used for growing kuumara and taro. Maara-kai (cultivation grounds) and whare were dotted through the area providing nourishment to local hapuu. It’s fitting that St Paul’s is a place of cultivation and nourishment of minds where students’ growth is part of their haerenga.

St Paul’s Collegiate School has a passionate Maaori Tari named Te Ao Maarama which leads the School and wider community in maatauranga Maaori. Students who enrol in Te Reo Maaori enjoy a programme weaved together with language, kapa haka and tikanga.

The Waharoa featured in the centre of our school represents the importance of being willing to enter a space of not knowing when it comes to learning and personal growth. The Waharoa requires regular oiling, a skill that is handed from one student to another in sharing maatauranga.

Also in the heart of the school are three pou. Waka Maumahara and Tiki Wananga. The three-piece carving encapsulates the values and aspirations of St Paul’s and is a reminder of the interconnected beliefs and values of the school. They represent our learning journeys and how they are impacted and shaped by values, beliefs and people.

All Year 9 students learn Te Reo Maaori as a compulsory part of the curriculum with many students continuing in this subject through their school years. The senior school students develop their knowledge of tikanga and kawa and are encouraged to express their ideas and opinions in Te Reo.

All students are taught He Haka maa te Wharekura o Paaora Tapu, Ki Waikato, the School haka which is a proud part of the school’s culture.