Support for students

All international students fall under the pastoral care of the school’s Director of International Students.

The director, Helen Richardson, is available at all time for inquiries, advice or support. Housemasters of boarding and day houses are also available for assistance and contact is welcomed and encouraged.

All international students receive:

  • lessons in English
  • the option of taking part in ESOL classes which are available daily
  • an education learning plan (IELP) tailored to meet their needs
  • oral communication in English for speakers of other languages (OCESOL)
  • IELTS, TOEFL, SAT support
  • peer support

Students can expect the following from the programme:

  • A 'buddy' to assist them on their first day of school
  • A tour of the school, meeting teachers and housemasters and hearing about routines and timetable
  • Regular meetings with Helen Richardson, Director of International Students, during the first term and at least once a term throughout the year
  • Close liaison with house staff and homestay hosts
  • Homestay inspections prior to student’s moving in and twice annual visits thereafter. Students are also visited in the boarding houses at least once per term.

Daily Timetable

School starts each day at 8:00 am and finishes at 3:30 pm. See here for a full timetable.

The International Centre

St Paul’s has an International Centre, which is a space for students to receive support for their study, travel and time in New Zealand. International Centre staff assist with:

  • Arranging Insurance
  • Airport shuttles
  • Arranging to purchase the school uniform
  • Adjustment and settling in the school routine
  • Identifying and selecting guardians and host families
  • Monitoring academic progress
  • Pastoral care.


In the same way that we expect all local New Zealand parents to have a close relationship with the school, we require the parents of all international students to appoint a guardian to undertake this role for their son/daughter while he/she is a student at our school (this is not a legal responsibility and is separate from the homestay parent role).

The guardian ensures the care of the student while living away from his/her parents. We feel it is important that the student has someone, apart from their homestay family, whom they can meet with regularly and feel directly supported by, during their time at St Paul’s.

If parents do not have an appropriate person to act in this role, the school can assist with this.


International students have the opportunity to experience living with a New Zealand family. This may be full-time or simply during boarding weekends and school holidays. All host families undergo a strict application process, assessment of suitability and are visited and approved by the school. Members of the household are required to undergo a police vetting check (excluding international students).

St Paul’s Collegiate School ensures the carer will provide a safe physical and emotional environment. The school also expects the student to live by the rules of the household and as a member of the family.

If you are a New Zealand family interested in hosting international students through homestay, please contact Marg Benefield.

Arriving in New Zealand

Once you arrive at Auckland International Airport, please collect your luggage and make your way through New Zealand Customs.

When you enter the arrival area, please turn to your left and walk towards the sign that says 'pre-booked transport.' There will be a number of people holding signs in this area, please look for your name. The driver will be representing a company called Shuttle Max.

Shuttle Max

Mobile: 022 139 0489
Website: Shuttle Max website

If you cannot find the driver please go to the Information Desk. Do not leave the airport building. Please also contact the director of international students on +64 21 275 8540.