Student leaders

2024 Heads of School:

  • Head Boy: Will Hadley
  • Head Girl: Sadie Williams
  • Deputy Head Boy: Liam Inman
  • Deputy Head Girl: Gracie Potter

Heads of Houses

  • Heads of Clark House: Louie Short and Renee Carey
  • Heads of Sargood House: Tom Yetsenga and Maggie Harper
  • Heads of Williams House: Edward Buckley and Izzie Watson
  • Heads of Boarding: Sam Stokes and Mariska Pereira
  • Head of Harington Day: Lily Luxton
  • Heads of Hall House: Tri Phan and Amelie Austin
  • Heads of Hamilton House: Austen Plimmer and Somer Williamson
  • Heads of Fitchett House: Nate Bodle and Lucie Foster
  • Heads of School House: Sam Hull and Isla Robinson

Heads of Portfolios

  • Heads of Boarding: Sam Stokes and Mariska Pereira
  • Heads of Te Kaea: Nikau Veitch and Natalya Walker-Riggins
  • Heads of Chapel: Briar Roden and Oliver Heeley
  • Heads of Mission and Outreach: Jimmy Ma and Vishruta Murthy
  • Heads of International Students: Trelise Forster
  • Heads of Academic: James Cunningham and Rosie Phillips
  • Heads of Art: Jackson Norris and Asher Downing
  • Heads of Sport: Finlay Bayne and Sophie Dunn