International fees

All fees are shown in New Zealand dollars and includes Goods and Services Tax (GST). Tuition fees are reevaluated each year in October.

Tuition fees include provision for English as a Second Language (ESOL) tuition. Full payment in advance must be received by 30 November each year.

The bond payment referred to will be repaid at the end of your child’s time at St Paul’s Collegiate School once all accounts have been settled.

A copy of our fees, international payment schedule and telegraphic transfer form can be downloaded below.

Fees payable to secure enrolment
Enrolment fees $800
Bond $1,900

Annual school fees (except Year 10)

Day Boarding
Tuition fees $42,580 $42,580
Boarding fees n/a $17,640
Lunches $2,310 n/a
Parents' Association Fee $115 $115
Collegians Fee $115 $115
Fees $45,120 $60,450

Annual school fees (Year 10 only – Tihoi year)

Day Boarding
Tuition fees $42,580 $42,580
Boarding fees $8,820 $17,640
Tihoi course fee $2,260 $2,260
Lunches $1,155 n/a
Parents' Association Fee $115 $115
Collegians Fee $115 $115
Fees $55,045 $62,710

Regulations covering fees

  1. Fees are as published and shall be fixed by the Board of Trustees from time to time (with or without prior notice). Disbursements are payable within 20 days of the date of the account.
  2. All fees and other monies not paid by the due date shall bear interest at a rate fixed from to time by the Board of Trustees.
  3. No fee is refundable where a student does not start or does not complete a full term.
  4. Where fees remain unpaid and no arrangement has been agreed with the Business Manager as to their payment, then the Board of Trustees will require the immediate removal of the student from the school.

Notice of withdrawal

  1. One full term’s notice of withdrawal must be given in writing to the Headmaster.
  2. The notice required must be given not later than the beginning of the term at the end of which a student is to leave and in the event that such notice is not given by the date required, then the following term’s fees shall be payable.
  3. Verbal notice of withdrawal will not be accepted.
  4. The question of a student’s withdrawal should always be a matter for consultation between the Headmaster and the parents/guardians.
  5. Where the student is required to leave the school under Clause 19 of the Standards of Conduct described below, the full fee for the term will remain payable with no refund given.
  6. The student is subject to the rules and discipline of the school. A copy of the school rules is available here. The school reserves the right to request the withdrawal of the student, or if necessary, to suspend or expel the student for any serious act or omission that is in breach of the school rules.
  7. Withdrawal of a student from a boarding position requires the same notice of withdrawal.
  8. A student who wishes to change from a boarding option to a day student during the year will be required to pay boarding fees for the remainder of that year.

Estimate of other expenses

Medical Insurance – refer to UNI-CARE website as premium is calculated on 12 months cover indicative cost $600
Home-stay for boarding students leave weekends and holidays $50 / night
$285 / week
Home-stay for day students (based on 52 weeks) $285 / week
$14,820 / per annum
Uniform costs for new students $1,600 – $2,000
Sports levy – depends on sport Variable
NCEA examinations $300 – $400
Cambridge Examinations per exam
AS Exams

Evening meal for day students – optional $12.50
Breakfast for day students – optional $9
Pick up/drop off Auckland airport $80 each way
Guardian Fees $500 per term
Bedding pack for boarders $130

Please note that there may be other expenses which could be charged to a student’s account. These will vary from student to student but may include: Boarding house trips, taxi and bus fares, stationery, international holiday trips, sports levy, personal, toiletries/haircuts, music tuition, academics field trips, telephone use, extra tuition, school doctor, clothing labels

Payment Options for 2022 Fees

Cash Payable at the school office.

Credit Cards Only Visa or Mastercard will be accepted; however a surcharge fee of 2% will be added to cover transaction costs where this option is chosen.

Telephone and Internet Banking St Paul’s has recently enabled parents and caregivers to make payment using these services through any of the major banks. Our bank account codes are shown below.

Payment of Future Years Fees Payments for more than one year in advance are welcomed and if received before 30 November 2021 will carry an exemption from any fee increases incurred during the period for which fees are prepaid.

Payments may be credited direct to the school’s bank account, which is held at Bank of New Zealand, Hamilton North, New Zealand. Swift code is BKNZNZ22 – bank account no: 02 0320 0203376 00

If you are paying by direct credit, please ensure the student’s name and family code (if already issued) are included in the particulars given. Please also send us a fax or email to let us know that you have transmitted the money (email address, (fax number +64 7 957 8833).

Transitions to Domestic

Students who enrol as international students and later qualify for the Ministry of Education subsidy will be charged domestic fees after giving one terms notice in writing.

Welfare Fee for NZ Passport Holders

For students who do not have a parent or close relative living in New Zealand and our International Department is required to organise a host family, guardian (NZ support person) and monitor their welfare the school reserves the right to charge a $2,200 welfare fee. If ESOL tuition is required, this will be at an additional cost.

Refund Policy and Fees Protection

Travel and Medical Insurance for International Students


Your first point of contact should be to the Director of International Students, Mrs Helen Richardson telephone +64 7 957 8843, email

If you have an enquiry relating to a charge to your account, please contact the Administrations Office by email: If you have an enquiry in respect to the standard fees set by the Board of Trustees, email Peter Welham, Business Manager:

Peter Welham
Business Manager
+64 7 957 8827

Classification of NZ students; students from the Cook Islands, Tokelau or Niue who are New Zealand citizens; Australian Citizens, permanent residents of Australia; the holder of a residence permit under the Immigration Act 1987; persons excempt from the requirement to hold a permit under the Immigration Act 1987.

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