2023 Scholarship Exam Results

2023 Scholarship Exam Results Beth Clearwater, Outstanding Scholar Awardee

12 February 2024

St Paul’s is pleased to announce the 2023 Scholarship Examination results. Students achieved 33 Scholarships Examinations including five Outstanding. We congratulate them and thank staff and whaanau who supported these students.

Congratulations to Beth Clearwater who was one of the 60 recipients in New Zealand of the NZQA Outstanding Scholar Award. She received this award for sitting five Scholarship Examinations and achieving an Outstanding in one subject (Biology).

The full Scholarship results were as follows:

  • Beth Clearwater: Biology (Outstanding), English, Chemistry, Statistics and History (Scholarship)
  • Nika Asadi: Statistics (Outstanding)
  • Matthew Chanwai: Music (Outstanding)
  • Samuel Ladbrook: Accounting (Outstanding) Technology (Scholarship)
  • Jack Thomas: English (Outstanding) and History (Scholarship)
  • Jackson Bird: Calculus (Scholarship)
  • Xiang Chang: Calculus and Music (Scholarship)
  • Nuo Chen: Chemistry and Calculus (Scholarship)
  • Georgia Fisher: Painting (Scholarship)
  • Jessica Goldsmith: Chemistry and Statistics (Scholarship)
  • Cary Guo: Chemistry (Scholarship)
  • Lawsen Harte: Media (Scholarship)
  • Iemaja Hassell: English and History (Scholarship)
  • Poen Hsieh: Chemistry, Physics and Calculus (Scholarship)
  • Oscar Lawson: History (Scholarship)
  • Frankie Muir: Biology (Scholarship)
  • Charlize Walther: Photography (Scholarship)
  • Junlin Yang: Calculus (Scholarship)
  • Isla Robinson: Geography (Scholarship)
  • Samara Yigit: Printmaking (Scholarship)
  • Yicheng Zhao: Religious Studies (Scholarship)

We are so proud of our students and Collegians who have achieved such incredible academic results.