28 Scholarship Exams for St Paul’s

28 Scholarship Exams for St Paul’s

11 February 2022

St Paul’s Collegiate School achieved 28 Scholarship exams, including three Outstanding Scholarships for the top-tier national exams at the end of 2021. Congratulations to the following students who conducted some of the best results in the country for these prestigious exams:

  • Maddison Oliver-Coffey: (Harington 2021) achieved three Scholarship results in English, biology, and health and physical education. As Madison earned a Scholarship in three subjects, she will be eligible for a $2000.00 Scholars Award per year for up to three years of tertiary study.

  • Joanna Li: Although she was only Year 12 at the time, Joanna Li (Year 13) achieved five Scholarship exams, including English, physics, earth and space, calculus, and music. Excelling in English, Joanna achieved an Outstanding Scholarship in this exam.

  • Emily Jin: Also, only Year 12 at the time, Emily Jin (Year 13) earned three Scholarships in English, biology, and accounting.

  • Sam Ladbrook: (Year 12), who was Year 11 at the time, received an Outstanding Scholarship in Technology (computer science).

  • Matthew Chanwai: (Year 12), also only Year 11 at the time of the exam, achieved an Outstanding Scholarship award in music.

Full list of Scholarship recipients

  • Nicole Chen: Year 12 Geography – Scholarship
  • Anna Egan: Year 12 Japanese – Scholarship
  • Jessamyn Freyberg: Year 13 Mathematics with Calculus – Scholarship
  • Isara Gatfield-Duds: Year 13 Photography – Scholarship
  • Zoe Hanna: Year 13 Biology – Scholarship
  • Emma Kenny: Year 12 Geography – Scholarship
  • Gia King: Year 12 History – Scholarship
  • Grace Kingsnorth: Year 13 Photography – Scholarship
  • Max Robinson: Year 12 History – Scholarship
  • Jack Thomas: Year 11 History – Scholarship
  • Maggie Walch: Year 13 English and History – Scholarship
  • Drake Walther: Year 13 Photography – Scholarship
  • Rylee Winmill: Year 13 Photography – Scholarship
  • Scott Zhou: Year 11 Chemistry – Scholarship