Accelerating his career with PwC

Accelerating his career with PwC Conor Horrigan (Year 13) is presented with his PwC Accelerate award at the Hamilton PwC office.

14 November 2018

Year 13 student Conor Horrigan is on track to a promising law career – having been accepted for the PwC Accelerate programme.

Created in 2013, the programme offers support to promising students throughout their time at university.

Next year Conor is off to Canterbury University to complete a conjoint Law and Arts degree.

As part of the Accelerate programme, he will have a PwC staff member mentoring him while he studies. There is also the opportunity to apply for a paid summer internship; access to business networks at various social and scholarship events; as well as insights into what happens behind the PwC scenes, so he can choose the career path that best suits him.

“I was stoked to find out that I had been accepted for the Accelerate programme. I was really impressed with the culture and environment at PwC and I am really looking forward to the opportunity of an internship with them in a few years,” says Conor.

“The mentorship and networking involved in the programme are both exciting prospects for me, and I have already got in touch with my mentor.”

To apply for the programme, Conor was required to complete an online application, following which he was invited to the Hamilton PwC branch to take part in an interview.

“In the future, my goal is to finish my law degree and potentially work towards becoming a high court judge. But I am also keeping my options open, and would love to work further with PwC down the line.”

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