Entering the corporate world

Entering the corporate world

Year 13 student Arthur Rasmussen has a clear career goal – to be a Chartered Accountant. And he is well on the road to achieving that goal, having been offered employment as a Trainee Accountant at Hamilton’s KPMG next year.

Over 230 students applied for the KPMG trainee positions and of these, only six were selected. The company provides the student with full-time employment, as well as financial assistance to complete their accountancy studies through Wintec.

While at St Paul’s, Arthur has always had a strong interest in Accounting, Economics and Statistics, but was prompted to pursue a career in the financial sector after a visit by KPMG to the school.

“The KPMG representatives pitched the programme to a group of prospective students and I decided to apply because it was such a good opportunity to work at an international accounting firm, gaining both experience and income while I study,” he says.

“Combined with my school subject interests, I realised that a life in the financial sector is where I want to progress professionally. There is also the opportunity to travel with work to places such as London and New York – which is extremely exciting!”

As part of the application process, Arthur had to provide a cover letter and CV to KPMG. He was shortlisted as one of 20 applicants to attend an assessment evening at KPMG Hamilton, where the applicants worked on exercises in teams, partook in a short test, as well as talked to various KPMG managers about what the job would entail. Following this, Arthur was selected to return for a job interview.

“When I got the call to say I had been accepted for the position I was ecstatic! It had been a long process and I had found it hard to focus in class for days leading up to the call,” he says.

The position commences in April 2018 and Arthur will be working 37.5 hours per week, with time-off for his Wintec classes as he works towards an applied management degree in accounting.

“I am looking forward to working with clients and gaining valuable work experience. Most of all though, I am excited about the roads that this experience will open up for me. It puts me well ahead of other graduates my age.”