Hillary Scholarships awarded

Hillary Scholarships awarded

Year 13 students Aidan Phillips and Kate Littlejohn have been awarded University of Waikato Sir Edmund Hillary scholarships.

The scholarships are for students who demonstrate leadership capabilities, excel academically, and have achieved in a sport or creative and performing art.

Aidan is enrolled to study a Bachelor of Music at Waikato next year, majoring in Vocal Performance. He aims to one day become a professional opera singer. For Aidan, receiving the scholarship is a dream come true.

“The history of phenomenal singers who have already found success through their involvement with the scholarship such as, Katie Trigg, Jarvis Dams, Filipe Manu and Madison Nonoa, is the reason I applied.

“I actually didn’t quite believe it when I found out I had been accepted. I had almost convinced myself that I wasn’t academically capable of getting it, never mind up to the leadership or vocal standards of the other students who I knew had also applied.”

Kate is looking to study a Bachelor of Science with hopes of applying for the new graduate medical school programme, if made available at Waikato.

“I am still undecided as to which sporting path I am going to take, but it will be either netball or rowing.

“I applied for the scholarship because it offers great support systems that can help me combine my study and sporting goals. It is a privilege to have been accepted.”

The scholarship will cover fees and course-related costs, with some financial assistance left over to contribute towards competition entry fees, extra private coaching or travel for any educational opportunities that may arise overseas.

The Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship programme educates future leaders at the University of Waikato within the values of New Zealand’s greatest adventurer, Sir Edmund Hillary. With a Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship, students can pursue their sporting or cultural passion while they study.