Jana Stokes ranks high amongst top scholars in the country

Jana Stokes ranks high amongst top scholars in the country

12 February 2020

Results from the 2019 New Zealand Scholarship examinations have confirmed some impressive results for 11 St Paul’s students who passed their scholarship exams. There were a total of 26 scholarships received with two being outstanding scholarships.

Scholarship examinations provide recognition and monetary reward to high achievers who are generally in their last year of schooling and is the most demanding and prestigious of secondary school examinations sat by senior students.

Jana Stokes was the school’s top scholar in 2019, with four scholarships overall, including two outstanding. This places Jana in the top 60 in the country. Her achievements came in English, agriculture and horticulture, geography and health and physical education, with her outstanding results from the subjects English and agriculture and horticulture.

Jeremy Coley, Deputy Headmaster of the Senior School at St Paul’s says for students to gain scholarship success, they need to be resilient and determined.

“To put it into perspective, roughly 3% of all students who sit the New Zealand Scholarship exams gain a pass marking, and only 0.3% are awarded an outstanding endorsements,” he says.

Last year’s dux, Simon Han, gained five scholarships, while the school’s 2019 Proxime Accessit and Deputy Head Boy, Henry Mandeno achieved four scholarships. Aaron Taylor and Lucy Simmonds achieved three scholarships, and 2020 Head Boy David Koshy achieved two as a year 12 student.

The full set of results is as follows:
* Fengyuan (Simon) Han – scholarship passes in Chinese, statistics, calculus, geography and history
* Jana Stokes – Outstanding Scholarship passes in English and agriculture and horticulture and Scholarship passes in geography, health and physical education
* Henry Mandeno – Scholarship passes in accounting, chemistry, physics and statistics
* Lucy Simmonds – Scholarship passes in chemistry, physics and statistics
* Aaron Taylor – Scholarship passes in chemistry, statistics and calculus
* David Koshy (year 12) – Scholarship passes in geography and history
* Orla White – Scholarship pass in statistics
* Benjamin Tustin – Scholarship pass in economics
* Zara Leong (year 12) – Scholarship pass in geography
* Julia McLean – Scholarship pass in geography
* Ayla Hall – Scholarship pass in health and physical education

Each of the Outstanding Scholar Award winners will receive $5,000 per year for up to three years in tertiary study in New Zealand and each Scholarship Award winner will receive $2000 per year for up to three years of tertiary study.