Scholarship students celebrated

Scholarship students celebrated

1 July 2024

St Paul’s Collegiate School held a special assembly and lunch to honour the 2023 Scholarship Examination recipients. First-year Collegians returned to the Chapel to be acknowledged and joined current students to hear from Collegian Dylan Woodhouse (Hall 2014 – 2018). He compared dedication to studies to training for a sporting event, emphasizing the need for effort, planning, and endurance. He left the students with five tips for exam preparation:

  • Leave for your exam early to allow extra time.
  • Eat a big meal before the exam to avoid hunger.
  • Exercise regularly during the study period.
  • Create good study notes, including recording them to listen to.
  • Utalise the best resources: your teachers and friends.

The students acknowledged today were:

  • Beth Clearwater: Biology (Outstanding), English, Chemistry, Statistics and History (Scholarship)
  • Nika Asadi: Statistics (Outstanding)
  • Matthew Chanwai: Music (Outstanding)
  • Samuel Ladbrook: Accounting (Outstanding) Technology (Scholarship)
  • Jack Thomas: English (Outstanding) and History (Scholarship)
  • Jackson Bird: Calculus (Scholarship)
  • Xiang Chang: Calculus and Music (Scholarship)
  • Nuo Chen: Chemistry and Calculus (Scholarship)
  • Georgia Fisher: Painting (Scholarship)
  • Jessica Goldsmith: Chemistry and Statistics (Scholarship)
  • Cary Guo: Chemistry (Scholarship)
  • Lawsen Harte: Media (Scholarship)
  • Iemaja Hassell: English and History (Scholarship)
  • Poen Hsieh: Chemistry, Physics and Calculus (Scholarship)
  • Oscar Lawson: History (Scholarship)
  • Frankie Muir: Biology (Scholarship)
  • Charlize Walther: Photography (Scholarship)
  • Junlin Yang: Calculus (Scholarship)
  • Isla Robinson: Geography (Scholarship)
  • Samara Yigit: Printmaking (Scholarship)
  • Yicheng Zhao: Religious Studies (Scholarship)