Top performers recognised at 2020 prize giving

Top performers recognised at 2020 prize giving

14 December 2020

The St Paul’s prize giving ceremony was held the at Chapel of Christ the King on Saturday 5 December. Congratulations to all of the Special Prizes recipients.

Katrina L Ward Cup for Dux of the School – David Koshy

This cup is awarded to the top academic pupil. David Koshy is an outstanding scholar, is multifaceted and multi-talented, who desires to excel and does so with acumen and aplomb. As a Year 12 student, he gained Scholarships in History and Geography placing him on the Academic honours board, he received the Beckett Prize for literature in both 2019 and 2020 and this year is tackling 6 scholarship subjects to complement his 99% GPA for the year. Furthermore, he seamlessly fuses academic and scholarly pursuits, community work, musical and choral interests whilst balancing leadership responsibility, assessments, and maintaining time for family and friends.

The Evan McCulloch Trophy for Proxime Accessit – Josephine Taylor

Josephine Taylor is an outstanding young woman who has proved to be extremely talented and driven to maximise the boundless potential that she possesses. As a Level 2 student, she was a Scholastic Centurion in Visual arts and had a GPA of 92%. In 2020, she placed First in Art Painting and Mathematics with Statistics, immensely impressive considering her sporting pedigree and commitments. Her fervour for seeking new knowledge and scholarly commitment is indicative of her dedicated character and bright future.

Seavill Cup – Gustav Jooste

The Seavill Cup recognises Gustav as being the student who has contributed most to the School in a wide variety of activities. He is a highly talented academic and a considered musician who intelligently and generously gives his time to promoting musical excellence through his outstanding leadership. He is a full school prefect, organises St Paul’s Got Talent, and is Chairperson of the Arts Portfolio Committee. Gustav fully immerses himself into the cultural life of the school via The St Paul’s Choir, Big Band, Concert Band, and Chamber Groups. A wonderfully adept, mature, humble, caring, an acerbic young man, and a worthy recipient.

Galatians Trophy – Tiaki Rhodes

The Galatians Trophy is awarded to the student who, in the opinion of the staff, displays the following qualities: patience; kindness; faithfulness; humility, and self-control. Tiaki is a decent young man who has proven to be an excellent and influential citizen by the strength of his character.

The G W Lander Resilience Trophy – Ella Harsant

This trophy is awarded to Ella for showing real Courage and Tenacity in the Face of Adversity. No matter what challenges are thrown at her, she never fails to persevere demonstrating her indomitable strength of character, a strong sense of self-awareness as a learner, and a will to forge ahead. Following a mountain biking incident, this student suffered a traumatic head injury and a fractured spine. Countless rehabilitation sessions occurred, and the daily challenges saw a need for immense patience, resilience, and empathy. Her recovery, whilst still ongoing, has been marked and we congratulate this young woman for her strength of character and resilience.

Leggatt Prize & Old Collegians’ Trophy for the Head Boy – David Koshy

This trophy was awarded to David Koshy for his outstanding leadership and commitment in all areas of School life.

Andrea Jean Jenkins Cup for the Head Girl – Phoebe McColgan

This cup was awarded to Phoebe McColgan for her outstanding leadership and commitment in all areas of School life.

The Fitchett Trophy – Kayley Caulfield

The Fitchett Trophy was awarded to Kayley as being recognised as the most outstanding female leader in the School. She is an outstanding role model who has consistently demonstrated her leadership skills. A full school prefect and Head of Harington Day, she has also been exemplary in her contributions to service and culture leading from the front as Chairperson of the Mission and Outreach Portfolio Committee and as a Chapel Prefect.

The Luman Family Trophy – Tiaki Rhodes

Tiaki Rhodes was also awarded The Luman Family Trophy in recognition of his outstanding leadership both inside and outside the classroom. He epitomises the virtues of humility, courage, servitude, and dogged determination. A full school prefect and Head of Williams House, he has been exemplary in the leadership to service and culture, which was duly recognised as an outstanding contribution to the community at the 2020 NZSBA Student Services Awards in raising over $17,000 for Flame Cambodia.

de Jong Trophy – David Koshy

The de Jong Trophy was awarded to David Koshy for putting in a consistent effort in all areas of school life and always gives his best in everything he does. A leader by nature as a full school prefect, a highly dedicated academic who features on the Academic Honours Board, led the academic portfolio committee, is a member of the school choir and who has been heavily involved in maintaining the spirit of the school.

BNZ Awards – Caleb Weck, Luke Finlayson, Greta Simpson and Sarah Wikaira

These Year 13 students have excelled academically and/or in leadership, sport and cultural areas.

Headmasters Prizes – Jack Caldwell, Lucas Goodwin, Phoebe McColgan, Ben Scanlon, Sophie Stocker and Dion Xue

These students were chosen for their outstanding service to the School in a wide variety of areas, academics, leadership, sporting, cultural and/or service, making an extraordinary contribution to the School in their respective areas.

St Paul’s Award for Year 12 and the John Oehley Cup – Frazer Tam

Frazer is awarded as the top academic Year 12 student who has excelled in all areas of school life, academics, sport, culture and leadership.

St Paul’s Award for Year 11 and the Haylett-Petty Memorial Trophy – Daniel Williams

Daniel is awarded as the top academic Year 11 student who has excelled in all areas of school life, academics, sport, culture and leadership.

St Paul’s Award for Year 9 and the Lander Family Trophy – Samay Kansal

Samay is awarded as the top Year 9 Student who has excelled in all areas of School life, academics, sport, culture and leadership.

Manukura Ariki “Maaori Academic Excellence” – Caleb Weck

The Manukura Ariki was awarded to Caleb as the top academic Maaori scholar. Caleb possesses impressive self-drive, intrinsic motivation and academic fortitude. He has been a full school prefect, Maaori mentor, been heavily involved in leadership, service, a talented sportsman playing for the 1st XV and is scholarly with a GPA in Level 2 of 99% and currently is sitting impressively on 41 Excellence prior to his recent examinations, he epitomises the whakatauki. He toka tuu moana, stands the stone within the ocean.

St Paul’s Parents’ Association Scholarship – Sam Ward

This scholarship is awarded to the Year 12 student who started at St Paul’s in the lower band and has now qualified for a full NCEA Level 3 course next year.

John van Grootel Memorial Trophy – Jon Davey

This trophy was awarded to Jon for his outstanding diligence and persistence in the lower band Junior School.

Thorton Gallery Trophy – Alice Taylor and Josephine Taylor

This trophy is shared between two Most Promising Artists who are continuing to study art, Alice and Josephine.

Deloitte Prize – David Gough

Kauranga Plaque – Lachlan Coleman

International Relations Prize – Stark Sun

St Paul’s Collegiate ICT Cup – Lachlan Coleman

Senior Oratory Prize – Macey Walsh

Creative Writing Cup – David Koshy

Beckett Prize for Literature – David Koshy

Dan Bryant Memorial Trophy – Dion Xue

Peter Hampton Trophy for Innovation in Agribusiness – Sam Cox

David Harries Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Graphics – Hugo Shale

St Paul’s Graphics & Technology Department/Waikato Master Builders'Award – Quintin Cotton

The Mike Powell Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Craftsmanship – Luke Finlayson

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