A lot has happened in the past 11 years

A lot has happened in the past 11 years

8 November 2016

Old Collegians from the 2005 and 2006 leavers returned to St Paul’s Collegiate School for an evening of socialising and reuniting with friends and teachers.

The room was a buzz with laughter and chatter. It was evident that strong bonds are formed during school years.

Old Collegians shared memories from school days and we all remembered what life was like when they walked out the school doors about ten years ago.

Tom Nabbs (School and Sargood 2001 – 2005, prefect) shared this brilliant list with us of
"A lot has happened in the past eleven years".

  • The boom of Facebook, Google, and tech
  • Christchurch earthquakes
  • Pike River mines
  • Two Rugby World Cup victories
  • TAB Sports Cafe stopped
  • Jonah died
  • Rena boat crash
  • Brexit
  • Osama Bin Laden died
  • The Ice Bucket Challenge
  • Selfies became a thing
  • Ridiculous songs like I’m an Albatrous, Let Me Take A Selfie and What Does The Fox say have come and gone
  • Charlie bit his finger
  • USA elected the first African-American President
  • We experienced a recession
  • Apple released the iPhone
  • Sir Edmund Hillary passed
  • Paul Holmes died
  • Shane Cameron called out David Tua
  • Davin Bain got acquitted
  • Willie Apiata got awarded the Victoria Cross
  • Undie 500 got banned
  • Michael Jackson died
  • Hamilton won and lost V8 hosting rights
  • Don Brash stood down as leader of National Party
  • John Key became Prime Minister of New Zealand
  • Telecom became Spark
  • Kim DotCom did his thing
  • BP filled the Gulf of Mexico with oil
  • Bejing, London, Rio Olympic Games
  • GST raised from 12.5% to 15%
  • Climate change hit
  • William and Kate got married
  • William and Kate had kids
  • David Bowie died
  • Sadam Hussain died
  • Changes to give-way rules on NZ roads
  • People started saying “nek minute”
  • Icepack fire at Tamahere
  • St Paul’s won the Rankin Cup
  • St Paul’s won Springbok Shield of Maadi Cup
  • Same gender marriages became legal
  • #hashtags became a thing
  • Oprah retired
    Photos of the 2005 & 2006 reunion