Journalist share secrets of success

Journalist share secrets of success

3 September 2016

It’s no surprise that Sam Hewat’s name is scattered through St Paul’s Collegiate School’s 2010 year book. It’s also no surprise that his farewell address as head boy that year is incredibly well-written and motivational. What is surprising is that this young Old Collegian is already living his dream. He’s interviewing Quentin Tarantino. He’s talking to Mahe Drysdale and Eric Murray. He’s chatting with the All Blacks.

Sam (School 2006-2010), has some amazing advice to give our current students (although it’s great advice for anyone).

When speaking about how he has secured his dream job he says don't follow the money, follow your heart. He attributes his success to passion and belief.

“If you're truly passionate about something, and it’s what you really want to do, the dedication, hard work and sacrifice will always follow suit.”

In short he advises: “Believe first, work hard second, the results will come.”

Sam recognises that journalism is a job where perfection is expected and scrutiny constant. Every ‘i’ must be dotted and every ‘t’ crossed.

However, his job is “one of the most exhilarating, fun, entertaining, and fast-paced careers in the world. You get to meet amazing people, write and tell amazing stories, you get to go to awesome places and events, watch and report on the things you love, and you can be a part of history”.

Journalism is a job where you need to be able to cope under pressure, meet deadlines, be error free and be willing to have an editor “barking down your neck”. But all this aside, Sam says “it is extremely rewarding and well worth it”.

Sam can see the influence St Paul’s had on him in his journey. When Sam was 14, English was his worst subject (hard to believe when reading Sam’s head boy address). A few of his St Paul’s teachers changed this and by the end of Sam’s schooling he had passed an English Scholarship exam and had been steered into the path of journalism.

Sam’s final quote in his 2010 head boy speech is absolutely fitting to how he has lived his life since then.

“’Do not go where the path may lead ….. go instead where there is no path …. And leave a trail.’"

Sam is about to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism at AUT University. He has a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Political Science and History from Auckland University. He currently works at The New Zealand Herald. He is willing to chat with any current students or Old Collegians who are interested in journalism. He can be contacted on: