Collegian returns as teacher

Collegian returns as teacher Anahia Noble

10 August 2021

For Collegian Anahia Noble (Harington 2016-2018), returning to St Paul’s as a teacher aide and teacher of Te Reo was a natural transition.

Initially starting her Bachelor of Communications at the University of Waikato in 2019, Anahia also began netball coaching at Hamilton Girls’ High School. Coaching soon made her realise her passion for netball and the joy it gave her to teach keen students about the sport.

"I loved seeing my netball team have those light bulb moments when they learned a new technique or finally understood what I was trying to teach them. This is what led me to teaching," says Anahia.

After discovering her passion for coaching, she switched her degree to a Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) while also pursuing her own netball career as a player. Anahia currently represents Waikato Bay of Plenty in the National Netball League but has aspirations of making the ANZ Premiership Netball.

Due to netball commitments, Anahia has put her teaching degree on hold and began a teacher aide role here at St Paul’s in term 2 this year. She works alongside the Learning Enhancement Unit assisting students in English, science, and physical education classrooms, where she helps with reading and writing.

Utilising her fluency in Te Reo, Anahia is helping teach Te Reo to the junior school.

"As a Maaori, it’s always been important for me to know and share my culture. Teaching Te Reo not only encourages learning the language but also creates awareness of New Zealand’s history."

With plans to return to her degree eventually, Anahia is happy to be pursuing her netball career while assisting in the classroom at St Paul’s.