Grease – Cast Q&A – Danny

Grease – Cast Q&A – Danny

1 May 2019

Name: Liam Waide
Year: 13
House: School

Which character do you play?
Danny Zuko.

In a sentence or two, sum up who your character is in the context of the story:
Danny is a cool, calm, confident high school bad boy. He is the leader of the T-Birds who are the Rydell High’s “cool kid” gang.

What do you like most about playing this character?
I get to wear a leather jacket, play with my hair and be the stereotypical American high school bad boy.

Have there been any challenges taking on this role?
Similar to last year’s production, it’s nailing the accent. The accent is a downtown New Jersey accent, full of slang. The hardest part about it, is because us Kiwis talk at the back of our mouths and we talk very fast, whereas Americans talk at the front of their mouths and talk a lot slower. Another challenge is the rock and roll dancing, it’s fast-paced and very full on ... but also good fun!

Grease is best known for its catchy musical tunes, do you have a favourite song?
My favourite song is Greased Lightning by far. It’s super groovy and fun to sing. I am very jealous of Kenickie who in the stage show gets to perform it, whereas in the movie it’s Danny’s song.

If you were a high school student in the 1950s, which Grease character would you most relate to?
I think that I would relate to Danny for sure. Although he has this bad boy exterior, he is a really caring and loyal person with his group of friends and will always look out for them and people he cares about.

Is this your first stage show/musical or have you performed before?
No, it’s not my first show. I have been in four other shows and Grease will be my fifth show. I have been in the last two shows here at St Paul’s and after Legally Blonde last year, I’m very excited for this year being my last high school show!

Who do you look up to (as an actor/singer/performer)?
By far Freddie Mercury. He has such a presence on stage and he just doesn't sing the songs he performs them and makes his performances so energetic and memorable. He is such a different person to the other artists of his generation, but he still kept true to himself and did what he did best and is in my eyes the best performer that the world has ever seen.

Do you have plans to continue with any performing once you leave school?
If I can make the time, or consider it as a career path, I will! I have always loved my music and the stage so I'm sure that there will be a calling sometime next year!

Is there anything additional you would like to share about your experience so far being involved in this year’s school production?
As it’s my last year, it’s been cool to see all the new students this year putting themselves out there in their first year and showing such eagerness for the shows. As someone who has been lucky enough for leads all three years, I’m glad that myself and everyone leaving this year can leave this year knowing that the passion and high standards will live on. The culture of this year’s show is really awesome, it’s a lot different from the few years before with some pretty drilling dance rehearsals and the music is so much fun, plus everyone knew the songs before our first rehearsal! I can’t wait to share the show with our community, family and friends. It’s truly going to be the best show St Paul’s has ever done!

GREASE hits the stage at Southwell School Performing Arts Centre June 30 – July 4.

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