Grease – Cast Q&A – Eugene

Grease – Cast Q&A – Eugene

1 May 2019

Name: Seth Peake
Year: 13
House: Fitchett

Which character do you play?
Eugene Florczyk.

In a sentence or two, sum up who your character is in the context of the story:
Eugene is the classic school nerd, here for the entertainment of the T-Birds to throw around and bully, but also to add a bit of quirkiness and comedy to the storyline.

What do you like most about playing this character?
What I like the most about playing my character is how much fun I get to have with playing someone who is totally opposite to myself and diving into a new world of acting I have never done before. Being a comedic character is also heaps of fun, as I get to be the one that is always fun and makes people laugh.

Have there been any challenges taking on this role?
What I think has been most challenging about taking on this role is how he is the complete opposite to my personality, I am a loud big personality that is up to anything and Eugene is this small little afraid boy who very quiet and scared. But this being a challenge has also helped me have more fun exploring a whole new side of myself.

Grease is best known for its catchy musical tunes, do you have a favourite song?
I would have to say the song 'Born to hand drive' would have to be my favourite song as we as the cast get to bop around to the music and do some cool and crazy dance moves.

If you were a high school student in the 1950s, which Grease character would you most relate to?
I think if I were a high school student in the 1950’s I would most likely be like Sonny (from the T-Birds) as he is a big personality that seems to have heaps of fun and is always involved with friends and that’s what I like to do.

Is this your first stage show/musical or have you performed before?
No this is the fourth show I have performed in. My first two were 'Annie get your gun' and 'Fidler on the roof' at Southwell School and last year I was in 'Legally Blonde' here at St Paul’s.

Who do you look up to (as an actor/singer/performer)?
I look up to Eddie Redmayne as a performer as he has showcased many of his talents in shows and movies he has done from Les Misérables, The Danish girl, The theory of everything and Fantastic beast and Where they come from.

Do you have plans to continue with any performing once you leave school?
Yes, I do plan on continuing on with the performing arts once I leave school, either in shows or backstage, it is a love of mine that will never die.

Is there anything additional you would like to share about your experience so far being involved in this year’s school production?
I think this year’s show will be one to remember as we have an amazing cast filled with talent and enthusiasm and since most of the cast is Year 13, we want to end our last school show off with a bang.

GREASE hits the stage at Southwell School Performing Arts Centre June 30 – July 4.

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