Grease – Cast Q&A – Jan

Grease – Cast Q&A – Jan

1 May 2019

Name: Hannah Mayer
Year: 13
House: Harington

Which character do you play?

In a sentence or two, sum up who your character is in the context of the story:
Jan is a member of the Pink Ladies and has an extremely quirky personality. However, her enthusiastic and bubbly character falters as she develops a slight weakness for a certain boy named Roger, a member of the T Birds.

What do you like most about playing this character?
What I like most about my character is that she doesn't have a care in the world with what people think of her. She isn't afraid to show off her quirkiness to others.

Have there been any challenges taking on this role?
The accent has definitely been a personal challenge for me, knowing which vowels to say longer or not say at all. It brings a special touch to my lines and the play as a whole.

Grease is best known for its catchy musical tunes, do you have a favourite song?
The song Magic Changes is one of my favourite songs from the show – how the awkwardness of Doody from the beginning transforms into a catchy, impressive song, which leaves the rest of the T-birds speechless.

If you were a high school student in the 1950s, which Grease character would you most relate to?
I would most likely relate to Jan, we share the same bubbly, quirky personality and like her, I’m not scared to show off who I really am.

Is this your first stage show/musical or have you performed before?
This will be my third musical I have taken part in. I was firstly a member of the orchestra which performed the music for the St Paul’s musical Jekyll and Hyde in 2017, playing one of the keyboards. Last year I had the great opportunity of playing the role of Brooke Wyndham in the successful production of Legally Blonde, a famous fitness trainer who ends up getting blamed for the murder of her husband.

Who do you look up to (as an actor/singer/performer)?
Robert Downey Jr inspires me immensely. Not only because of his brilliant acting skills in a variety of different characters, but that even though he had a troubled phase during his life including drugs and prison, it didn't stop him from becoming one of the best actors we have in the entertainment world today. It just shows that no matter the circumstances you are in, with determination you can always better yourself and become the person you choose to be, not letting past choices make up who you are.

Do you have plans to continue with any performing once you leave school?
Unfortunately, my plan after St Paul’s sways away from the performing arts. However I am so incredibly thankful to have had the opportunities that St Paul’s has given me to really shine in the talents that I have been given.

Is there anything additional you would like to share about your experience so far being involved in this year’s school production?
Even though the cast this year is small, each student is incredibly talented and with the help of dedicated teachers, we all can't wait to blow the audience away with what we can do.

GREASE hits the stage at Southwell School Performing Arts Centre June 30 – July 4.

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