Orange and Lime make a splash

Orange and Lime make a splash

18 April 2023

There’s a new band at St Paul’s Collegiate School – it’s fresh and it’s making a splash.

Four friends at St Paul’s have banded together to form the group. The Year 12 students Sam Fletcher, Jack Walch, Brooklyn Snelgrove and Nick Jones have been friends since Year 9 when they met at school and were part of the Year 9 music programme where all students learn a musical instrument.

Fast forward to 2022 and the band was in the St Paul’s studio working on their first song when they realised they needed a band name. It was fortuitous that on that day, Nick had chosen to wear a t-shirt with a lemon on it. After a few quick leaps from the lemon, the group landed on the fresh-sounding name, Orange and Lime.

The band’s style of music is self-described as ‘Kiwi’. Sam says, “Our style is R&B-New Zealand-reggae; we like to play classic New Zealand music”. During the past year, the band has written four original songs and has more in the pipeline with a recording and release goal for October 2023.

The band has become a regular appearance at school events and the members are keen to perform at more gigs. Their favourite band to cover is Red Hot Chili Peppers and the band’s top-of-the-charts original song is Jerry, "A song about a random fictional character."

The group loves the buzz of playing live. Nick says, “When you lock in as a band, it’s a cool feeling and you can hear it – that’s the reason I play.”

There are no nerves for the group when they give a live performance. “It’s very natural,” Brooklyn says, “The more you do it, the easier it is.”

Their motivation for performing is for the love of music – not for money. The band members see music in their future either for study or to continue playing together. Jack says, “It sounds cliche, but we do it for the love of it. We do this to enjoy ourselves and for the experience. We love hearing the end result of our songs.”

  • Jack: Vocals and rhythm guitar
  • Sam: Lead guitar and backing vocals
  • Nick: Drummer
  • Brooklyn: Bass guitar