Performing in NYC

Performing in NYC

The opportunity to learn from renowned conductors and perform at the world-class Carnegie Hall in New York City has been given to three St Paul’s Collegiate School students.

Aidan Phillips (Year 13), Anna Hamilton and Victoria Chanwai (Year 12) have been invited to perform at Carnegie Hall as part the 2018 Honours Performance Series in February. This is the second year St Paul’s students have been selected for the prestigious event.

Aidan, who performed at Carnegie Hall as part of the 2017 High School Honours Series, has been invited back as a Finalist for the Young Adult Honours Series. Recognition as a Finalist for this category is the first step toward performing bass with the Honours Choir at Carnegie Hall under the direction of renowned conductor, Dr Eph Ehly.

A first time for Anna and Victoria, they have both been accepted as Finalists for the High School Honours Series, with Anna set to perform in the Honours Women’s Choir and Victoria in the Honours Strings Orchestra.

Participation in one of the five Honours ensembles is limited to the highest-rated high school performers from across the world and is a direct result of the talent, dedication, and achievements demonstrated in their application and audition recording.

They will join other performers from the United States, the District of Columbia, Guam, six Canadian provinces, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, New Zealand, Qatar, South Korea and the United Kingdom.

“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity. To perform at the world-famous Carnegie Hall – a venue that marks the pinnacle of musical achievement – will be a dream come true,” says Anna.

The students will rehearse and perform under master conductors and have the opportunity to meet other like-minded musicians from around the world. Though much of their time is focused on performance preparation, the week also allows them to experience the best of the sights and performance arts in New York City.

“Being selected to the Honours Performance Series is something each Finalist should be extremely proud of accomplishing. We processed more than 18,000 nominations this year and have selected nearly 700 of the most talented student performers from around the world,” says Programme Director, Megan Smith.