Putting brush to canvas for a good cause

Putting brush to canvas for a good cause

To raise money for a good cause, St Paul’s art students have been busy putting brush to canvas to produce a special exhibition – Canvases for Cambodia.

Currently on display in the Student Centre foyer, there are over 40 artworks up for auction. All proceeds will go to charitable organisation FLAME who work alongside young children living in the slums of Cambodia, encouraging them into education and supporting their wider families and community through housing, food and small business.

Year 13 students Jessica Tod and Rachael McLanachan have produced some of the artworks that make up the exhibition.

Jessica, who grew up in the Bay of Plenty, decided to paint the iconic Mount Maunganui. “I visit the Mount most weekends when I go home, so it is very familiar to me. I have always loved the beach and often take my dog for runs there. This was an easy and meaningful subject for me to paint.”

Jessica has also produced two other works – World View and Sulphur Spring.

One of Rachael’s art pieces is ‘Remnant of the Land’, featuring a deer skull. “My brother loves hunting, so this is a skull he has on display in his room. I went with him on this particular hunting occasion, so for me it holds good memories and signifies a bonding experience.”

Rachael’s other pieces are Remnant of the Sea, Jungle Fever and Lunar Surface.

The majority of the artwork is from the students’ coursework, so the brief and theme varies between each year level.

The Year 10 students were working on a theme of ‘seasons’, so autumn colours and skeleton leaf motifs dominate their visual explorations.

The Year 11 students were exploring the use of negative space and shadows in their paintings. The theme ‘out of the shadows’ has inspired their diverse range of imagery.

The Year 12 students were challenged with the concept of depicting suspended objects in their art. The tension between objects, their shadows and the space created in between are the basis of their inspiration.

A further group of canvases created by senior students, such as Jessica and Rachael, volunteering their time and talents, reflect individual interests and creativity within the bounds of the square canvas provided.

The Canvases for Cambodia art auction will close 21 September at 11.59pm. View and make your bids online here

Photo Caption: Rachael McLanachan and Jessica Tod holding their artworks produced for the Canvases for Cambodia exhibition.