St Paul’s Welcomes Jamieson Hudson as Visual Arts Teacher

St Paul’s Welcomes Jamieson Hudson as Visual Arts Teacher

29 November 2023

St Paul’s Collegiate School is thrilled to announce Jamieson Hudson as the newest addition to our Visual Arts Department, starting in Term 1, 2024.

With a decade of experience at Hamilton Boys' High School (HBHS) and five years as the Head of the Visual Arts Department, Ms Hudson brings a profound understanding and passion for arts education. She played a pivotal role in shaping curriculum design, notably driving the development of junior digital programs in Year 9 and Year 10 art classes.

Dedicated to fostering academic excellence in the arts and beyond, Ms Hudson ensures each individual is recognized and valued for their contributions. Possessing versatile skills, she can teach various aspects of the art curriculum. Mr. Jonathan Cameron, Leader of Curriculum, Arts, and Head of Department, Visual Arts, highlights Ms Hudson’s expertise, “In addition to being experienced in photography, skilled in painting and printmaking, Ms Hudson is an active ceramicist. St Paul’s recent refurbishment of its kiln adds excitement for Ms Hudson to integrate it into both student projects and her personal practice.”

Ms Hudson excels in teaching Senior Design, guiding students to develop engaging briefs with deep personal connections. Her ability to support students in creating characters, fictional worlds, and storytelling through design is a valuable asset to the community. Passionate about enhancing students' communication and critical thinking skills, she incorporates Maatauranga Maaori into the curriculum for a comprehensive understanding of New Zealand’s cultural heritage.

Chairing the Waikato Art Teachers Association, Ms Hudson maintains strong connections in the regional and national art education scene. Actively contributing to the Ministry of Education’s review of the photography curriculum and assessment standards ensures students receive a contemporary education in this field.

Beyond her role as an educator, Ms Hudson, in partnership with her significant other, owns local entertainment establishments, including Wonderhorse. Her success in combining art with commercial value makes her an inspiring mentor for St Paul’s creative and entrepreneurial young minds.

On the co-curricular front, Ms Hudson is a talented musician proficient in several instruments, including the clarinet, bassoon, and ukulele. Her commitment extends to supporting the performing arts in production management, set design, costuming, and more.

Ms Hudson’s educational philosophy centres on the transformative power of the visual arts, firmly believing that teaching and learning in this field enriches communication and critical thinking skills crucial for the 21st century.

St Paul’s Collegiate School eagerly anticipates the positive impact Ms Hudson will bring to our Visual Arts Department, contributing to the continued success and growth of our school’s academic and artistic pillars.