What happens at the end?

What happens at the end? Adi and Arnah from Little Shop of Horrors

22 May 2024

Get ready to be thrilled and entertained as St Paul’s School goes all out with this year’s electrifying production of "Little Shop of Horrors". The production crew is full steam ahead, working tirelessly to bring this beloved dark comedy to life.

We caught up with a few of the cast members to get an inside scoop on the preparations and their experiences so far. Adi Manda (Year 11), who will play the awkward, plant-loving Seymour, and Arnah Currie (Year 11), who will share the lead role of Audrey with Ruby van Deursen (Year 13), shared their excitement and challenges.

“Playing the lead is a big step up, but I’m really excited. I like that the part I get to play is a bit nerdy and awkward,” said Adi, embodying his character’s charming quirks.

Arnah, a new addition to St Paul’s this year, is thrilled to jump straight into the spotlight. For her role, she has been practicing being “a little ditsy,” a characteristic that adds depth to Audrey. “Even though both lead characters are flawed, they both have a good message to share, and the songs are so good,” Arnah explains.

A favourite number is "You Never Know," and one of the most anticipated scenes for both the cast and the audience is the dentist scene, featuring Sam Fletcher. The dark humour and dynamic performances are set to be a highlight of the show.

When asked about the physical demands of the production, Adi and Arnah shared, “We’ve had to practice being punched and eaten. It was a bit of a surprise when we found out our fate. It’s different from the movie, and when we read the script, we got a surprise.”

And just how does the story end for Audrey and Seymour in the stage version? You'll have to come to the show to find out! With the cast and crew working tirelessly to perfect every detail, "Little Shop of Horrors" is shaping up to be an unmissable event.

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  • Ruby Van Deursen (Audrey/Crystal)
  • Arnah Currie (Audrey/Crystal)
  • Adi Manda (Seymour)
  • Sam Fletcher (Orin)
  • Sam Kansal (Mr Mushnik)
  • Annabelle Choy (Ronette)
  • Jonathan Jiang (Voice of Audrey ll)
  • Sangjoon Lee (Puppeteer)
  • Olive-Rose Hapuku (Chiffon)


  • Matteo Romano-le Roux
  • Claire Johnstone
  • Ella Smith
  • Sofia Waterman
  • Leo Neilsen
  • Ruby McKay
  • Millicent Whetu
  • Ash Gullery
  • Jora Singh
  • James Su
  • Ellie Qiu
  • Georgia Roberts
  • Freddie Savill
  • Mia Ofsoske
  • Rosie Willson
  • Addison Welch
  • Jo Palaone