World renowned singer to teach at St Paul’s

World renowned singer to teach at St Paul’s Timothy Wayne-Wright

9 August 2021

Grammy-Award winning singer, Timothy Wayne-Wright has an extensive music career spanning 30 years, and will join St Paul’s as the new Director of Choral Music at the beginning of term three.

Timothy has performed with, co-directed and project managed the infamous a cappella group, The King’s Singers, since 2009. The group was labelled ‘most successful vocal ensemble on the planet’ by Gramophone magazine in 2018 and has represented a gold standard in a cappella singing on the world’s greatest stages for over fifty years. Throughout the lifetime of The King’s Singers, they have been presented two Grammy Awards, an Emmy Award and a place in Gramophone magazine’s inaugural Hall of Fame.

Over the past two years, Timothy has held the Artistic Director position at the CHORALSPACE Winter and Summer Festival’s in Berlin. CHORALSPACE is an event that enables, supports, and showcases local and international choral performances. His role was to lead the process of the artistic programming for the international choirs.

Timothy is actively engaged in adjudicating world-leading choral events and undertaking masterclasses across the globe. Most recently he judged the European Choir Games in Sweden and The Heart of Chorus International Choral Festival and Competition in China. His masterclasses have taken him to the UK, China, Sweden and Germany.

Prior to Covid-19, Timothy managed and educated international classical artists for Hazard Chase Limited, a leading international music management company based in London. Sadly, due to the affect of Covid, the company went into voluntary liquidation.

Timothy graduated from Goldsmith’s College at the University of London with a Bachelor of Music in 2004 and went on to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Vocal Studies, which he received a scholarship to do so, from the Trinity College of Music.

With a CV full of tremendous feats, we are delighted Timothy has chosen St Paul’s to share his skills with our students from term three.