Meet the Gudiance Counsellers

Meet the Gudiance Counsellers Elizisha Botha (left) and Blair Heaton

7 June 2024

At St Paul’s Collegiate School, the supportive team of Guidance Counsellors, Blair Heaton and Elzisha Botha, share a passion for their vital roles within the school community. Their journey into counselling was not just a career choice but a calling rooted in personal experiences that shaped their desire to support young people.

Elzisha reminisces about a family member whose attentive presence during her formative years left a lasting impact. "She wasn't a counsellor, but I always felt heard and valued in her presence," Elzisha reflects. "That relationship ignited my interest in connecting with young people."

With a background in social work, teaching, and counselling, Elzisha brings a wealth of experience to her role. She is currently working through her Masters in Counselling through the University of Waikato and is deeply committed to nurturing students' personal development. "I cherish the moments when students share their stories and hopes with me," Elzisha shares. "Witnessing their newfound insights and perspectives is incredibly rewarding."

Blair, with his Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graduate Diploma in Teaching, and Master’s in Counselling (Honours), complements Elzisha’s expertise. Always striving for professional growth, Blair plans to further his studies in child protection. "In the counselling space, it is our hope that students have an experience where they are listened to, understood, and supported," Blair comments. "Courageously opening up about their challenges is a pivotal step, and I aim to foster a space where they feel comfortable doing so." Their collaboration extends beyond qualifications and into a genuine partnership. They blend their unique skills and perspectives to provide comprehensive support to students. Whether it’s addressing stress, anxiety, mental health concerns, or navigating grief and peer relationships, Blair and Elzisha offer a variety of services tailored to meet students' needs.

Looking ahead, Blair and Elzisha envision an evolving counselling services that continues to adapt to the changing needs of students. They aspire to foster a school culture where mental health and emotional well-being are prioritised and destigmatised.

Together, Blair Heaton and Elzisha Botha exemplify the heart and soul of St. Paul’s Collegiate School’s counselling team, dedicated to nurturing the holistic growth and flourishing of every student they encounter.

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