Former All White plays for St Paul’s Corinthians

Former All White plays for St Paul’s Corinthians

6 June 2019

Joining the St Paul’s Corinthians line up against Huntly on Saturday, was former All White and professional with the Football Kingz (now the Wellington Phoenix), Che Bunce.

Che’s presence in the team certainly contributed to their 9-0 win. "Given that there is an inspirational connection between the Corinthians and Brasil, as evidenced in the team’s 'Christ the Redeemer' logo, and the jogo bonito spirit of Ronaldinho, it was very uplifting to have Che in the line up," says coach Michael Groom.

In Geneva in 2006, as part of the All Whites preparation for the Confederations Cup, Che played against Ronaldinho and the rest of the star-studded ’selecao' – the Brazilians refer to their national team as 'the selection'.

Saturday’s result elevates the Corinthians up to second in the table. "With the season approaching the halfway point, the Corinthians are well placed to push to the top," says Mr Groom.

"They have something their opponents do not have – the inspiration that comes from their connection with the statue in Rio and the smiling face of Ronaldinho which symbolises so much; this is a connection of endless and infinite possibility," he says.