Highlights from Summer Tournament Week

Highlights from Summer Tournament Week

19 March 2024

We're cheering for our teams that are at Summer Tournament Week 2024. Good luck to teams at NZSS Open Water Champs, volleyball, golf, cricket, water polo, and rowing (Maadi Cup in Twizel). Results will be updated each day on this page.

New Zealand Secondary Schools Open Water Championships

3.5 km round the lake

  • Ashley Lander 53.39 Age 14 – 15 race
  • Lani Jarrett 54.10 Age 14 – 15 race
  • James Heap 50.16 2nd place Age 12 – 13 race


Liam Hill’s round of 72 ranked him the second qualifier going into Championship matchplay for day 2. Since then, he won his first matchplay round qualifying for the quarterfinal where he won and is now through to the semifinals.

Liam achieving 3rd place! Liam won 3 out of 4 matchplay games. The only loss for Liam for the week was against the overall winner, amazing golf Liam.

New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Championship and Maadi Cup

St Paul’s teams qualified to race in 14 A Finals and 11 B Finals.

See St Paul’s times and full results online here and overall results here.

  • Boys U15 Double Sculls:14th (G Watson, J Cashin)
  • Boys U16 Coxed Quad Sculls:1st (G Weir, L Murphy, G Benjamin, T Tretheway + J Verry)
  • Boys U16 Coxed Quad Sculls: 9th (CJ Snyman, C Blake, H Parham, M Clausen + H Trower)
  • Boys U18 Novice Double Sculls: 6th (H Thompson, H Kilmister)
  • Girls U17 Coxed Quad Sculls: 5th (Z Brangwynne, S Dunn, A Church, F Savill + R Isaac)
  • Boys U15 Coxed Octuple Sculls: 7th (C Hood, Q McLean-Bluck, L Peters, B Harper, G Watson, W Smyth, J Cashin, C Barlow + A Macleod)
  • Boys U18 Coxed Quad Sculls:11th (A Plimmer, J King, L Fairweather, D Ellison + B Cropper)
  • Girls U16 Coxed Octuple Sculls: 5th (O Carruthers, O Waddell, S Mason, A McLeod, L Hadley, L Moon, M Wilson, P Hunter + M Millar)
  • Boys U17 Double Sculls: 7th (K Robinson, F Rayner)
  • Girls U17 Single Sculls: 6th (S Dunn)
  • Girls U16 Coxed Quad Scull: 3rd (Z Brangwynne, O Waddell, G Roberts, P Hunter + M Millar)
  • Boys U16 Double Sculls: 1st (G Weir, G Benjamin)
  • Boys U18 Single Sculls: 10th (A Plimmer), C Final, 6th (L Fairweather) D Final, 5th (J King)
  • Boys U15 Coxed Quad Sculls: 8th (G Watson, L Peters, B Harper, Q McLean-Bluck + A Macleod) and 13th (J Cashin, C Hood, W Smyth, C Barlow + K Gault)
  • Girls U14 Coxed Four: 10th (L Hadley, A McLeod, S Mason, O Carruthers + R Isaac)
  • Boys U18 Double Sculls: 9th (A Plimmer, L Fairweather) and Repechage 3: 6th (J King, D Ellison)
  • Girls U17 Double Sculls: 2nd (Z Brangwynne, S Dunn) and 10th (F Savill, A Church)
  • Boys U17 Coxed Quad Sculls: 6th (W Peoples, F Rayner, K Robinson, S Schulze + F Rogers) and 7th (G Weir, L Murphy, G Benjamin, C Blake + J Verry) and 14th (T Tretheway, C Snyman, H Parham, M Clausen + B Cropper)
  • Boys U18 Novice Coxed Quad Sculls: 3rd (H Thompson, B Harper, L Peters, H Kilmister + K Gault) and 12th (C Hood, Q McLean-Bluck, W Smyth, C Barlow + A Macleod)
  • Girls U16 Double Sculls: 15th (O Waddell, P Hunter)

Girls' Cricket

Day 1 Girls 1st XI vs Hillcrest High School chased 127 with a win in the last over. Gracie Potter got 50 not out.

Day 2 Girls 1st XI vs St Peter’s College – went down narrowly coming up short by 22 runs in their T20 match. Poppy Jamieson got 50 not out, Gracie Potter 53 not out and Rosie Phillips 28 not out.

The second T20 match against St Peter’s saw a win by St Paul’s. St Paul’s scored 132/5 with St Peter’s all out for 130. Chloe Pereira and Hannah Syme had a great partnership and Gracie achieved 53 not out. Great bowling by Georgia Scott and Rosie Phillips helped St Paul’s achieve a great win by three runs.

Boys' Cricket

Day 1
Boys 1st XI vs Aquinas College, St Pauls 368/8 (Leyton Birch 42, Campbell Boyd 52, Finlay Bayne 109, Tom Yetsenger 42, Quintus Daniell 35no) Aquinas 113/10 (Finn Bell 3/22, Will Hadley 2/14, Max Makeham 2/34). St Paul’s win by 255 runs.

Day 2
Boys 1st XI vs Mount Maunganui College, St Paul’s 202/10* (Liam Fisher 48 Quintus Daniel 28 not out, Finlay Bayne 2/14 off 7 overs Will Hadley 1/6 off 8 overs Tom Yetsenger 3/20 off 5.5 overs Campbell Soanes 4/13 off 5 over. Finn Bell – greatest catch) St Paul’s win by 100 runs.

Day 3
Boys 1st XI vs St Peter’s College Cambridge, St Paul’s won by 52 runs. 197/10 off 50 overs. (Liam Fisher 75, Finlay Bayne 38. St Peter’s 140/10 – bowling Finny Bell 3/17, Campbell Soanes 3/17, Will Hadley 2/28).

Day 4 Final against Tauranga Boys' College with a win to St Paul’s Boys 1st XI which qualifies the team to play in the Gillette Cup Final in December. (Played by the top six schools in the country.)

Girls' Volleyball

Day 1 Tough start for the girls narrowly going down 25-20 and 25-12 to Baradene College. Well-fought battle.

Day 2 A great win against Northcote College 25-15 and 25-23. Super exciting win.

Day 3 A win against Onehunga 25-21 and 26-24. A loss against Trident 25-10 and 25-17 – showed a lot of fight in the second game coming up short. A win against Rotouna High School 25-20, 18-25, 15-12. The final game of the day was against Takapuna Grammar School with a win 25-33, 27-25 which put them to play for 9th place on the last day.

Day 4 The final battle against Bay of Islands College was lost 20-25, 20,25, placing the team 10th in the North Island Secondary Schools Cup. Great effort for the first time in seven years to have a team in the tournament.

Water Polo

Boys' Water Polo lost the first two games but dug in to enjoy a win against Northcote College 10 – 5. The boys lost to Whangaparoa 14-5 and then had a win against Long Bay College, 11-3. The team won their final against Green Bay College 11-8.

The Girls' Water Polo had its first game on Thursday with a win 11-5. Friday’s game was close with a loss to Wellington East College 8 – 9. The team then had another win against Rangitoto Senior 9-8 and a loss to Marsden College 2-6 in the quarter-final. The team finished 7th in Div 2 after beating Wellington East 6-4.