Slam dunking his way to the top

Slam dunking his way to the top

13 September 2017

Rising basketball player Tom Seuren has been identified as one of the best in the country.

Only in his second year of playing basketball, the Year 12 student has been selected for the U17 North National Talent Development Camp, being held in October.

Run by Basketball New Zealand, the focus of the National Talent Programme Camps is to introduce participants to the preparation, performance and evaluation, required at a national level.

The programme is for athletes that demonstrate the potential to reach the top level, in the hope of one day representing New Zealand on the world stage. The National Talent Programme pathway shows the conceptual continuum an athlete may travel along as they progress in their basketball development.

As of 2017, New Zealand will be competing for world cup qualification in the newly formed Asia-Pacific zone. This presents an opportunity for New Zealand Basketball to assist and accelerate the development of the country’s elite player base. New Zealand Basketball’s focus will be on programmes that provide valuable and competitive experiences in preparation for pinnacle events or enhanced development.