Top athletes celebrated at rowing awards

Top athletes celebrated at rowing awards

13 May 2021

Head boy Matthew Waddell stole the show with several awards. He was awarded the President Cup for his outstanding leadership within the sport, the Seath Cup as the best rower across all grades and he also had the fastest 2km ERG time of 6 minutes and 4 seconds.

Winner of the U17 Single Scull A Final, Riley Wills took home the St Paul’s Shield which is given to the most improved rower in all ages. Riley was also awarded the 1X Trophy as the best sculler in all grades.

Belinda Wright and Jessica Scatchard were named the most successful team this season and were awarded the School Oar.

The Steiner Trophy is given to an outstanding leader in female rower and this year the award was given to Hannah Finlayson.

The top scoring ERG for the girls 2km ERG was awarded to Brea McDonald.

Fred Phillips was awarded the Coxswain Cup for holding the Top Coxswain position.

The Most Conscientious Club Member award was given to Murray Marsh as the most contributing non-rower member.

The Veterans Cup was awarded to Zoe Chapman for being the most supportive rowing member. The Nick Winklemann Trophy was awarded to Fergus Minkhorst for perseverance with little reward or success.

Levi Davidson took home the Les Varney Trophy which is an award given to the most improved Novice Rower.

The following students were also awarded the Rowing Caps:

  • Tom Haycock
  • Tom Matthews
  • Lewis Yetsenga
  • Sam Ward
  • Matthew Waddell
  • Hetekia Te Ua
  • Hannah Finlayson
  • Jessica Scatchard
  • Belinda Wright
  • Brea McDonald
  • Leah Weck
  • Ruby Kapane-Paitai
  • Awatea Gudgeon
  • Charlotte Boyd
  • Sophie Marsh
  • Isobel Knowling
  • Tanika Naidoo