Year 13 students have national success

Year 13 students have national success Will Mollard and Jack Ruske

11 September 2023

William Mollard claims National Secondary Schools' Weightlifting Championship

In an extraordinary display of strength and skill, William Mollard, a Year 13 student from Hall House, has emerged as the 81kg National Secondary Schools' Weightlifting Champion. This talented athlete recently showcased his prowess at the championships, securing the coveted title.

Weightlifting, a discipline demanding precision and technique, comprises two intricate movements: the snatch and the clean and jerk. During Will’s third snatch attempt, he exhibited exceptional strength, lifting an impressive 83kg weight, propelling him into a narrow lead. Following this feat, he executed a 110kg clean and jerk, effectively sealing his victory. Determined to push his limits, Will ambitiously attempted a personal best of 121kg. Regrettably, the judges deemed this attempt a 'no-lift' due to slight elbow bending. Nevertheless, Will concluded the competition with a remarkable total of 193kg across the two lifts, triumphing with a lead of over 10 kilograms.

Jack Ruske selected in the New Zealand Barbarians U18 rugby team

Jack Ruske, a member of Hamilton House, has earned a well-deserved spot on the New Zealand Barbarians U18 rugby team. Jack, a formidable presence as a lock in St Paul’s First XV, is the towering backbone of the team. His dedication to the sport is evident in the hours he invests in training.

The New Zealand Barbarians U18 team is set to showcase their talents at St Paul’s Collegiate School on Saturday, September 23rd, under the leadership of Dave Dillon from the Highlanders. We extend our hearty congratulations to Jack Ruske for this prestigious opportunity to don the Barbarian jersey.