Co-ed senior school

St Paul’s Collegiate School’s co-ed school environment begins in the senior years (Year 11-13). Our male students graduate from our boys-only junior school in Year 10 and continue their education in the senior school alongside our female students, who join the St Paul’s community in Year 11.

This unique structure of a single-sex junior school and co-educational senior school allows for boys and girls to develop into young men and women during their developmental years (Year 9-10) without the distraction of the opposite sex.

In the senior school, a strong focus is placed academic success and on our senior students achieving their personal best in the classroom in order for them to have the very best opportunities in life. Senior students can complete NCEA, Cambridge International and New Zealand Scholarship qualifications.

Senior programmes

St Paul’s scholarship group

Selected Year 13 students can join the St Paul’s scholarship group based on their academic achievements in the previous year. In special circumstances, Year 12 students are chosen to enter the group, based on outstanding achievements in Year 11. The scholarship group provides students with the opportunity to excel academically. Students are given clear and concise direction on what is expected of them in an academic capacity; they are also provided with assistance and support to achieve their exam aspirations.

Leadership opportunities

St Paul’s offers leadership training to help students develop leadership skills and discipline. As students progress through school they are expected to carry more responsibility, both personally and for the school’s community. They are expected to help younger students settle into school life and are asked to take on additional responsibilities in their day or boarding house. Students can also apply to become prefects in Year 13. St Paul’s prefects make up the school’s student leadership team who provide positive influence, encouragement and guidance to younger students and peers.

High performance sports programme

St Paul’s offers students, who are serious about becoming sports professionals, the opportunity to excel in their chosen sport through the school’s high performance sports programme. The programme lifts the performance of individual athletes and flagship teams by building the whole athlete; the physical, mental, emotional and team unity characteristics. Students are provided with one-on-one and group training sessions to help them reach their age-group potential.