Girls at St Paul’s

St Paul’s Collegiate School encourages a culture where girls and boys work naturally and collaboratively together in their academic studies, cultural pursuits and social settings. Girls are welcomed at St Paul’s in the senior years (Year 11-13) as day or boarding students.

As part of St Paul’s holistic approach to education, girls are encouraged to reach their personal and academic potential through a variety of academic, cultural, spiritual and sporting opportunities. Every girl is required to take a summer and winter sport and a cultural activity in addition to their academic study, helping them to develop into well-rounded young women.

Our small roll of girls and small class sizes, allows our female students to grow academically. Our teachers help them mature intellectually with one-on-one teaching in the classroom and in tutorials, which take place before school, during lunch and after hours.

The time that girls spend at St Paul’s is designed to give them the confidence and life skills that will support them in their transition from school to tertiary education and/or work life and beyond.

What girls say about their St Paul’s experience

  • St Paul’s pushes girls to achieve their personal best more than they ever imagined: "Teachers encourage you to put everything into whatever you do, to strive to achieve the highest you possibly can and not to settle for the level you are already at.”

  • Our school provides girls with opportunities and experiences to grow and achieve: “St Paul’s helped me grow as a person and made me more confident.”

  • Teachers were recognised as one of the key reasons why girls enjoy learning at St Paul’s. They say our teachers are readily available and that tutorials are a significant benefit to their academic development: “It’s great that teachers are genuinely interested in every student.”

  • Girls enjoy our small and personable community; in fact, most of our female students have requested that we keep our female community at its current intimate size: “A small group of girls means that everyone is known on a personal level. There is a strong sense of community.”

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