Academic honours

On Thursday 3 November, students were recognised for their outstanding academic and school efforts at the Senior Prizegiving ceremony. After years of Covid-19 hindering public gatherings within the Chapel of Christ the King, it was a pleasure to share this ceremony with the entire School, staff and parents. Congratulations to the following students on their well-deserved Special Prize awards:

Joanna Li — Katrina L Ward Cup for Dux of the School

  • Joanna Li is beyond reproach in her attitude to her studies and schooling in general. Her thirst for knowledge and giving her best are at the core of her academic demeanor. To say that she excels is an understatement, and her success thus far has been up there with the School’s finest scholars. As a Year 11, she gained an Outstanding scholarship in Geography while obtaining the top mark in the world for Cambridge Chemistry. In Year 12, she earned five scholarships; in Calculus, Earth and Space Science, Music and Physics, and an Outstanding Scholarship in English. She was placed as an Outstanding Scholar in New Zealand, ranking her within the top 40-60 students. In Year 13, she has a GPA of 100% in Level 3, is sitting nine scholarships, and aiming to go one further and be included in the Premier Scholars Awards (top ten in New Zealand).

Emily Jin — Evan McCullough Trophy for Proxime Accessit

  • Emily Jin is exceptionally gifted and academically driven. In Year 12, she gained a scholastic centurion in Accounting, Chemistry, Calculus, and Physics while also in the same year receiving this honour in Level 3 English and Biology while obtaining three scholarships in English, Biology, and Accounting. In Level 3, 100% of her assessments have gained excellence, giving her the perfect GPA. Her enthusiasm for seeking new knowledge and scholarly commitment indicates her unique character and bright future.

Eve (Evie) Potter — Seavill Cup

  • Evie Potter was awarded the Seavill Cup as the student who has contributed most to the School in a wide variety of activities. Evie is diligent, calm, confident, caring, selfless, and always puts others first. These qualities were instrumental in the boarding charity relay, as a committed captain of the First XI Girls' Hockey team and her time given to numerous school pursuits. She is an eminently likeable, articulate, engaging, and confident young woman.

Leah Weck — Galatians Trophy

  • Leah Weck receives the Galatians Trophy as the student who, in the opinion of the staff, displays the following qualities: patience; kindness; faithfulness; humility, and self-control – a decent young man or woman who has proven to be an excellent and influential citizen by the strength of their character. Leah shows genuineness, servitude, faithfulness, and generosity of spirit in every sense. She models and displays all the attributes of a leader whose good character as Head Girl of St Paul’s asks others to follow and walk beside her footsteps.

Samuel Peoples — Leggatt Prize & Old Collegians’ Trophy for the Head Boy

  • Awarded to Samuel Peoples for outstanding leadership and commitment in all areas of School life while being Head Boy.

Leah Weck — Andrea Jean Jenkins Cup for Head Girl

  • Awarded to Leah Weck for her outstanding leadership and commitment in all areas of school life while being Head Girl.

Cormac Hodson — The Luman Family Trophy

  • Awarded to Cormac Hodson as the most outstanding male leader in the School, other than the Head Boy. Cormac leads by example both inside and outside the classroom. He is a crucial member of the academic portfolio and the arts portfolio committee, a member of the Chamber and School choirs, the Captain of the Premier Basketball team, and a person of moral fibre and integrity.

Joanna Li — The Fitchett Trophy

  • Joanna Li was awarded The Fitchett Trophy for being the most outstanding female leader in the School, other than the Head Girl. Joanna is an impeccable role model who commits herself prodigiously to everything she does. She possesses humility, kindness, and caring nature. Her involvement in leadership, sporting, cultural and service events on top of an exceedingly rigorous academic programme is dauntingly impressive. She is a role model, a person of the highest calibre, and our Deputy Head Girl.

Emma Kenny — de Jong Trophy

  • Sponsored by MOAA Architects, Emma Kenny receives the de Jong Trophy as a student who has put in a consistent effort in all areas of School life. She is someone who always gives their best in everything they do. This year we acknowledge a joyful and determined young woman. She is a highly motivated academic, driven in approach to everything she undertakes, from service to sporting involvement, and one who carries herself with dignity, grace, and proficiency seemingly beyond her years.

Hetekia Te Ua — Te-Manu-Tawhio-Rangi Trophy

  • Awarded to Hetekia Tu Ua as the student who celebrates, enhances, and develops Kaupapa Maaori and services to Te Whaanau o Hato Paora in all facets of school life and the wider community. Hetekia has continuously demonstrated a willingness to support Maaori initiatives and lead by example. Following previous leaders' footsteps, Hetekia has worked tirelessly to make the most of all opportunities: Haerenga, poowhiri, and helping with Senior Prizegiving.

Riley Jones — G W Lander Resilience Award

  • Awarded to Riley Jones as the student who has shown real courage and tenacity in the face of adversity.

Gunt (Gabe) Pinvanichkul — International Award

  • Gabe Pinvanichkul receives the International Award for the student who fosters international relations in the School.

BNZ Awards

The BNZ Awards are given to four Year 13 students who have excelled academically and/or in leadership, sports, and cultural areas. This year’s winners are Emily Jin, Daniel Williams, and Taiki Lynn. Taiki also receives the Deloitte Prize for a student continuing to study Commerce.

Headmaster’s Prizes

Awarded for outstanding service to the school in a wide variety of areas, academics, leadership, sporting, cultural, and/or service — each of these students has made an extraordinary contribution to the School in their respective areas:

  • William (Max) Fletcher
  • Stella Hamilton
  • Javahn Jones
  • Ashton Robinson
  • Fiona Su
  • Hetekia Te Ua
  • Samantha White

Gia King and Hannah Swann — Te Hookai Nuku, Senior Manukura Ariki “Maaori Academic Excellence” Award

  • Gia King and Hannah Swaan have gained over 50 Excellence credits through their internal and benchmark exam assessments. Gia and Hannah could not be separated and abound in impressive attributes: intrinsically driven, a propensity for excellence, and the innate desire to leave their indelible mark on the fabric of the school.

Matthew Chanwai — St Paul’s Award for Year 12 and the John Oehley Cup

  • Matthew Chanwai receives the St Paul’s Award for Year 12 and the John Oehley Cup as being the the student who has excelled in all areas of School life, academics, sport, culture, special character, and leadership. Matthew boasts impressive multifaceted talents. He excels in swimming, is academically gifted, and shines in music. He is a choir member, was selected as a cellist for the New Zealand Secondary Schools Symphony Orchestra, and received a Gold Award for his cello performance at the London Young Musician Competition. In addition to these impressive feats, he still finds time to devote his service endeavours and epitomises a young man who contributes superbly to the four cornerstones of St Paul’s.

Sadie Williams — St Paul’s Award for Year 11 and the Haylett-Petty Memorial Trophy

  • Sadie Williams has been awarded the Year 11 and the Haylett-Petty Memorial Trophy as a student who has excelled in all areas of school life, academics, sport, culture, special character, and leadership. She is an eminent academic, having received three 'First in Subject' awards this year and two 'Second in Subject' awards. She is a talented netballer and swimmer in her sporting realms and genuinely possesses leadership and empathy, as witnessed by her everyday interactions.

Shodai Kagawa — St Paul’s Parents’ Association Scholarship

  • Shodai Kagawa receives the St Paul’s Parents’ Association Scholarship as the Year 12 student who started at St Paul’s in the lower band and has now qualified for NCEA Level 3.

Malachi Flintoff — ICT Award

  • Malachi Flintoff receives the ICT Award for dedication and commitment to ICT within the School and Chapel.

Benjamin Allen, Olivia Calder, and Jade Luxton — Peter Hampton Innovation in Agribusiness

  • This award goes to the Crocodile Pit winners Benjamin Allen, Olivia Calder, and Jade Luxton for the creation of the Steri-Needle, which is a holster used to sterilise vaccination gun needles so farmers can hygienically vaccinate several animals at one time.

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