Academics – junior school

Junior school (Years 9-10)

In Years 9 and 10, students are offered a well-structured programme that prepares them for their future study in the senior school.

St Paul’s prides itself on making the students’ experience a fulfilling one. Having small class sizes enables teachers to form strong relationships and deliver programmes that meet students’ academic needs and expectations.

Our approach to this sees innovation in teaching and learning, multifaceted approaches for learners, and technology seamlessly integrated into learning and assessment. It is also pivotal at St Paul’s that excellence is rewarded and celebrated, with excellence evidenced by academic success.

Year 9

Before starting at St Paul’s, students are tested to ascertain their academic level and are then allocated to classes accordingly. By allocating students to classes of their ability our teachers can focus on the individual needs of each student, pushing them to achieve their personal best.

Students follow a compulsory core of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Health, Religious Studies and Te Reo. Students rotate through both technology and art options. Technology involves, Digital, Materials and Design and Visual Communication. The arts involves Music, Drama and Art.

All Year 9 students take either a foreign language or a literacy and numeracy course. This course allocation is decided during Term 1 Orientation.

All students can choose two Master Class subjects for half a year. Some examples of these classes are: Sculpture, Video Motion Graphics, Public Speaking, Sustainable Cities, Psycho Babble and Architectural Design.

Year 10

Students spend half of the school year at the Hamilton campus and half the year at Tihoi Venture School. At the main campus, they follow a core of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Health and Religion.

In addition to this, they choose three additional options.

At Tihoi the boys follow English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science in addition to an intensive outdoor programme taking part in the unique opportunities and experiences that Tihoi provides.

Writer’s Toolbox

St Paul’s uses an online web-based essay writing programme called Writer’s Toolbox in both the junior and senior school. Click here for more information.

Junior scholarship programme

The junior scholarship programme is for Year 9 students who have shown exceptional academic promise. The programme looks to enhance certain key areas that are deemed essential for scholarship acceptance and top academic success in the senior school. The programme develops a holistic range of skills such as group work, research, self-awareness, problem-solving and leadership.