Communication with parents


Newsletters are distributed every three weeks to notify parents about transport arrangements, upcoming events and the movements and achievements of students.

Email correspondence

Directors use regular email correspondence to contact and update parents with news and details of current activities.

Letter writing

Letter writing is an essential component of Tihoi. Being away from home can be an intense experience and the boys are encouraged to write home weekly. Replies from mum, dad, siblings and even the cat are eagerly awaited.


During their stay, students are assessed on social interaction, fitness, outdoor skills and academic work. Regular reports on students' progress are sent to parents. At the end of each students' 18-week experience a full report is forwarded to parents and a certificate is presented to students for their completion of the Tihoi experience.

Parcels and mail

Parcels can be mailed directly to Tihoi or put on the St Paul’s minibus which departs for Tihoi once per week. Parents who wish to send a parcel on the Tihoi bus must have it at the school by Monday at 3.30pm. Courier Post is the recommended courier, as other companies do not deliver to Tihoi. Rural mail is delivered daily.

All parcels go through ‘Tihoi Customs’ to check for illicit goodies when the boys open them. Parents are discouraged from sending food, although birthdays are an exception to this rule. A cake to share with house mates is fondly welcomed by students and their house members. Parents are also discouraged from sending money to Tihoi, the boys receive a small allowance on expeditions which is disbursed by Tihoi.