Students who require professional counselling for personal, psychological, emotional, vocational, motivational or behavioural issues have daily access to two trained counsellors (the chaplain and counsellor) who remain in close and regular contact with house staff, health clinic staff and senior management.

The chaplain and counsellor work as a team meeting weekly for peer supervision and to plan ahead. They routinely make referrals to GPs and medical, educational and other specialist on behalf of students and families, typically following discussion with parents about the issues involved.


The counsellor regularly visits the School’s day and boarding houses; attends day and boarding housemasters' meetings; and meets with other pastoral care staff and teachers as needed. The counsellor’s office is based in the Student Centre, the heart of the school, and has an 'open door' policy for students and staff.


The chaplain makes regular visits to day and boarding houses and to Tihoi Venture School to keep in touch with each house as a whole and with individual students and staff. They act as a professional counsellor and work with staff and students who need social, emotional or spiritual guidance or solace.