Daniel Teka

Daniel Teka is a commerce teacher at St Paul’s Collegiate School. Daniel was a student at St Paul’s in 2001, a boarding house tutor in 2010 and joined the team as a teacher in 2018.

What made you choose to apply for a role at St Paul’s?
My history with the school as a student and as a boarding house tutor, and also my experience on practicum.

Can you briefly describe what your role entails?
Planning and delivering lessons to my classes each day, as well as a lot of learning and professional development!

Can you describe an 'average' day in your role?
Either staff briefing or chapel, sometimes a staff morning prayer on a Thursday prior to chapel. Teaching during the day, broken down by Mentor class or House period. This provides variation and something different and interesting i.e. changing a tyre in Mentor groups, House Haka, etc. The 'Over the Fence' service programme is another activity during the day which is such good fun.

How would you describe the culture of St Paul’s in 3 words?
Proud. Busy. Professional.

What other roles have you held at St Paul’s?
Boarding house tutor, student (rugby and academic scholarship), student teacher and rugby administrator.

What do you enjoy about working at St Paul’s?
The dynamic and challenging environment. Lots of variation. I feel valued and looked after as a staff member and I feel pretty empowered in my role. Amazing lunches everyday. Enjoy the students and the ability to teach my own style. The use of technology. Enjoy the demands of the role. Enjoy the other staff, can have some really interesting conversations with such a knowledgeable and diverse staff. The Hopper Challenge (staff activity) has been really fun. I appreciate going to chapel.

If you live, or have lived, onsite, what do you enjoy about being part of the boarding community?
Getting to know the students on a more personal level outside of the classroom. Seeing them grow.

What makes St Paul’s special?
All of the above. The expectations and standards actually sets up students to achieve when they leave school.

What co-curricular areas are you involved in at St Paul’s?
Rugby – U14 rugby coach and senior 7’s coach.

What do you enjoy about your co-curricular involvement at St Paul’s?
Love it.

What are some of the benefits that you enjoy as a staff member of St Paul’s?
All the facilities, especially the dining room!

What is some advice you’d give to someone thinking about applying for a role at St Paul’s?
You won't regret it!