Drama curriculum

St Paul’s Collegiate School students have the opportunity to express and up-skill their dramatic talents through both academic and extracurricular offerings.

In Year 9, all students are required to participate in drama as a compulsory subject and in Years 10-13 students have the option to choose drama as a subject in addition to the core curriculum.

In the classroom, students can expect to learn both theory and practical skills. They investigate the characteristics, purpose and function of drama and learn about the techniques, elements and technologies used to create substance for screen and stage productions.

A number of extracurricular performance activities are held throughout the school year, giving students the opportunity to showcase their talent and to apply skills learnt in the classroom. By participating in extracurricular events, students gain increased confidence, stage experience and credits towards their NCEA qualifications.

Extracurricular performance opportunities include:

  • Shakespearean productions
  • Theatre or drama productions
  • House competitions such as house theatre sports.