Senior girls thrive

Girls join St Paul’s during years 11 – 13 making up more than 1/3 of the senior school.

A distinctive facet of St Paul’s is we welcome girls into our senior years, creating a dynamic co-ed senior school environment. At this stage, our female students seek the unique academic challenges offered at St Paul’s, enticed by the excellence of our science, commerce, agribusiness, and mathematics programmes.

The girls who start at St Paul’s are in the same new situation and are looking for friendships or new experiences. It is a tight-knit cohort who develop close friendships. A lot of effort is made by the school to integrate the new students into school life.

Contrary to the past, changing schools midway through high school is a choice more teenagers and parents are making today, with pleasing results. At St Paul’s, we understand the importance of this transition and ensure a smooth integration into our community.

Though fewer in numbers, our girls wield significant influence in leadership, arts, and academics within the school. Their impact is not just felt; it’s celebrated.