Hauora – Well-being

At St Paul’s our Hauora vision is to grow resilient and thoughtful people of great character with a connection to Hauora. Our pastoral care and house system is well supported by our Hauora programme. The programme runs from Year 9-13.

Our Hauora Groups are made up of 20 students per group in their own year level and are led by two staff members. A key part of all sessions is the understanding of good journaling and positive reflection.


School’s Vision – Turning Possibilities into Realities
Hauora Vision – To grow resilient and thoughtful people of great character with a connection to Hauora.

Year Level Term 1 – Taking control Term 2 – Building character Term 3 – Taking the lead
Year 9 Courage
– Brave, Stupid, Thrill Seeking?
– Look others in the eye and yourself in the mirror
– Digital footprint
Self Control
Year 10 Getting along with others
– Intake 2
Resilience – Yes you can do it
Intake 2
Getting along with Others -
Intake 1
Year 11 Whanaungatanga
– Men are from Mars women are from Venus.
- Introducing girls and allowing the two boy intakes to reconnect
- Social Issues
Emotional Intelligence (linked to resilience development programme and managing stress Emotional Intelligence and Stress Management
- Continue with EI programme
- Focus on stress management as we build up to exams.
Year 12 Cool under pressure (Stress, anxiety and depression as well as strategies to cope with these) Interpersonal skills and Communication
- Features of healthy relationships which included friendships, the impact of pornography on relationships, and consent
Body image, Communication, leadership and decision making
- Communication – talking as well as being a good listener; a Q+A with CEO’s on leadership
- Stress management
Year 13 Dealing with addiction and Stress First-year away from home + consent and consequences Nutrition, budgeting and study tips