History of the houses

School House (1959)

Originally there was only the one house: School House (established in 1959) which catered for both boarders and day boys. The last year of School House functioning as a boarding house was at the end of 1993. The house at this time went into recess but was re-established as a day house in 1999.

Sargood House (1961)

Sargood House, named after Sir Percy Sargood of the Sargood Trust which provided the finance for the house, opened in 1961. One of the significant events in that first year of Sargood House was student’s laying of the paths around the house.

Williams House (1963)

Williams House opened in 1963 and was named after Mr A B Williams of the Williams Trust, which provided the finance for the house. During the first term only one dormitory was ready for use and boys had to camp down in Sargood and School temporarily.

Hamilton House (1964)

Hamilton House, named after Hamilton City, was established in 1964 and was first located in what was then known as the Hobbies Hut. This building no longer exists.

Clark House (1967)

Clark House, named after a former Chairman of the Board of Governors Mr George I Clark, opened in 1967. The Clark House boys were first housed in the old dining hall block, which was on the site of the current Science block.

Hall House (1973)

Hall House, founded in 1973, was named after Foundation Board member Mr Harry Hall and commemorates all the survey work he did for the School, free of charge.

Harington House (1985)

Harington House, formerly known as the Girls’ House, opened in 1985. The house was renamed Harington House after Mrs Pamela Harington, a St Paul’s parent and very active Board member. In 1992 Harington Boarding opened and in 2005 a new wing was opened and named after board member, Loris Eyre

Fitchett House (1999)

Fitchett House opened in 1999 and was named after Dr Marcus Fitchett, the first Chairman of the Board.