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Updated 11 July 2018

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Important dates

Each year St Paul’s welcomes some of New Zealand’s most well-known universities to speak with students on-site. Students are able survey their tertiary options, ask questions and find out more about the courses on offer. The 2018 university visits are:

  • Wintec, 26 February 12.15pm
  • Massey University, 28 February 12.15pm
  • AUT, 5 March 12.15pm
  • Canterbury University, 7 March 12.15pm
  • Auckland University, 8 March 12.30pm
  • Lincoln University, 26 March 12.15pm
  • Otago University, 27 March 12.30pm
  • Waikato University, 28 March 12.15pm
  • Victoria University, 9 April 12.15pm