Parent Testimonials

"I am pleased to know that my son, Kazuhiko, had a good start to his final year at St Paul’s Collegiate School and that he has been spending his time and life there happily and successfully.
Kazuhiko has had many experiences since he joined St Paul’s Collegiate in 2017. When he decided to study in NZ, he could not speak any English at all. I was very concerned as to whether he could settle into a new environment due to his shyness. Right after he joined St Paul’s, he injured himself and I was at a loss as to how I could help him. Every time he contacted me from the boarding house, he mentioned negative issues, such as, he could not understand class content and instruction from teachers because of language barrier. I worried about him, and that he may be losing his self-confidence. However, when he came home at the end of his first year, he had grown stronger both physically and mentally through the Tihoi Program, as well as looking very different. The following year, he adjusted to the school routine as well as daily life and settled down well. The more his English speaking and communication skills improved, so did his understanding of everything. He started to enjoy interacting with friends not only international but also kiwi. He gained excellent academic results at Year 12, which made him grow in confidence.
Although we committed to study in NZ in a hesitant way, I have seen my son’s great growth in confidence. It has been an invaluable and lifelong experience for him thanks to caring support and warm encouragement by St Paul’s staff. Their response to any of my concerns has been always quick and accurate.
We selected St Paul’s from many schools in New Zealand and I am assured we made the right decision. In the current uncertain circumstances around Covid-19, a quick decision and response from the school made us feel secure and that my son could continue to study in a safe environment.
I hope that he can spend the rest of his time at high school effectively and remain safe and in good health until his graduation day in December 2020."

Mrs Chisami Yonekura (mother of Kazuhiko Yonekura)